Africa Train Travels from Tanzania to Zambia

Africa By Trains Tanzania to Zambia

Have you ever wanted to travel around Africa while experiencing her beautiful landscapes and immersing yourself in the culture of the land?

Do mountains and hills, sunsets and sunrises, whistling trees and sight of a flying flock of birds set your feet to tapping?

Are you the type that loves listening to the music of puffing trains while enjoying a cold local beer with friends?

Does the widow seat calm your soul and bring back your inner peace?

Or, are you looking for a memorable way to take a break from the world – from your daily routine?

If yes, what you need is a journey south onboard either of the TAZARA trains between Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and New Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia.

To say the least, this is one of the best train journeys in Africa.

TAZARA trains (The Freedom Railway)

TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railway) operates two trains between Dar es Salaam and New Kapiri Mposhi. Each train runs twice between the two countries along the 1860 Kilometre railway line.

Zambia operates Mukuba Express Train while Tanzania operates the Kilimanjaro Ordinary Train. The latter is older compared to the former and stops at all intermediate stations along the railway line. A typical journey between the two destinations takes about 48 hours – but could be more.

Facilities and amenities

Both trains are equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities that make a traveler’s journey more enjoyable. Some of which you will find are; air-conditioned sleeper cars, a restaurant car, a bar, a lounge, clean washrooms, beddings, and electrical sockets.

TAZARA Schedule

Each train runs twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) between the two destinations. Mukuba Express makes stops only at main stations while Kilimanjaro Ordinary Train stops at all intermediate stations making the journey a bit longer but fun.


Train travel provides a free platform to share experiences with people from different cultures, backgrounds and all walks of life. It opens people up to the real African hinterland and first-hand knowledge of natives.

Maybe you are there wondering how to go about booking the trains, the fare charges, current schedule and other fine details about the service.

I have written an article on how I traveled from Nairobi to the breathtaking Victoria Falls by road and rail. In this article, I have included a detailed guide on TAZARA trains.

Enjoy the journey.