3 Places to travel to for a budget safari

3 Places to travel to for a budget safari

Spending a few weeks away on Safari sounds like a fantastic idea – and it is. Getting to grips with nature in this way is unparalleled with any other experience. Unfortunately, it’s far from cheap. Go2Africa highlight how much you can expect to spend on safari, with prices reaching the thousands.

But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of this incredible experience. Today, let’s run through three adventures you can head on which won’t destroy your holidaying budget in one foul swoop.

#1 Wolf tracking Ethiopia

 This sounds like some something you’d expect to hear about in a Utopian film, rather than a potential holiday experience. As it is, you’ll be able to follow in the tracks of one of the rarest species of mammal on Earth – the Ethiopian Wolf.

There are currently fewer than 400 members of this species left in the wild. This worrying scarcity means you’re in for the trip of a lifetime if you do choose to witness them in all their majesty. Owing to the fact you’ll be camping, prices will be considerably lower. The most expense comes in the form of hiring a guide.

#2 Three-day Kenyan safari

Instead of spending days away, companies are now offering travelers the chance to enjoy shorter spells on tour. While the day-to-day costs aren’t much cheaper, these bitesize packages gift travelers the chance to get out and experience the unique feel of safari, without needing to save up for years in advance.

It’s not uncommon for travelers making the most of this kind of holiday to spend less than £1,000 for the total experience. Given how much holidays of this nature can sometimes come to, this is nothing short of a bargain.

#3 Chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda

If you were inspired by the now-famous images of David Attenborough sitting amongst a troop of gorillas, a trip to Rwanda is perfect for you. As Audley Travel points out, there are 12 different species of simian to be found the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Much like with the wolf tracking experience, the bulk of your journey will see you camping out for reasonably affordable prices. Surviving off a diet of beans and rice (it’s better than it sounds), you’ll immerse yourself in a natural surrounding which sees you quite literally coming face-to-face with chimpanzees, gorillas and other breeds of primate.

Have these budget safari experiences inspired you? Be sure to keep them in mind for your next adventure. Holidays of this variety don’t always have to cost the sun and the stars.

Featured Photo by Ron Dauphin on Unsplash