List of Breathtaking Waterfalls in Kenya

Besides Wildlife and scenic destinations, Kenya is home to beautiful Waterfalls. These natural attractions are located deep in forests and nature trails.

Although the most spectacular of them is the Karuru Falls, there are over 10 other beautiful waterfalls around the country. Tours to these waterfalls are becoming a popular experience. They provide an authentic connection with nature and the idyll rural life in Kenya.


The Aberdare forest trails are very remote and less explored. Save for hikers who frequent the ranges, finding waterfalls in the Aberdares is like chasing treasure from a secret map. There are no roads leading to most of these falls and locating them is an adventure.

For solo backpackers, locals are always helpful guides to the falls and will share a lot about the waterfalls. Also, several tour operators offer trips to these hidden gems with the help of local guides.

List of breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya

List of breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya

If you love the chase, here is a list of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya. They are located in some of the best national parks, game reserves, and hiking destinations in the country. In particular, you shouldn’t miss Ragia, Karuru, Zaina, and the Tigoni Falls.

  1. Thomson Falls, Nyahururu
  2. Adamson’s Falls, Meru
  3. Gura Giant Falls, Aberdares
  4. Zaina Falls, Aberdares
  5. Karuru Falls, Aberdares
  6. Paradise Lost, Kiambu
  7. Sheldrick Falls, Shimba Hills
  8. Lugard Falls, Tsavo National Park
  9. Fourteen Falls, Kilimambogo
  10. Karura Waterfalls
  11. Oloolua Nature Trail
  12. Chepkiit Waterfall, Eldoret
  13. Ragia WaterFalls
  14. Chania Falls, Thika
  15. Kamweti Waterfalls
  16. Tigoni Falls


You can join a group tour to any of the above waterfalls in Kenya. Check out Facebook events for upcoming tours. Hikemaniak and Let’s Drift are my favorite groups offering hikes to these gems.

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