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Find cheap tickets for Buses, Trains, Taxis, and Flights in Africa from over 50 companies and service providers in the transport industry.

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Why use cheap tickets search?

So that you can always travel at the best fare whether it is by train, bus, cab or flights across Africa by finding available and cheap tickets. You get to see the latest calendar, timetable, and prices of the available means of transport to your destination.

You also get the latest deals, Alerts and offer from the best budget bus companies, airlines, hotels, trains, and taxis from all over Africa.


How does it work?

Once you have decided on your preliminary travel dates, visit Kenyan Backpacker’s search page and select your desired means of transport. You will then be provided with the latest schedule and prices from different service providers.


Do you want to get started right away?

Cheap tickets - Cheap Train Tickets in Africa

Find Cheap Train Tickets in Africa

Cheap tickets - Cheap Bus Tickets in Africa

Explore bus companies, schedules, and prices in Africa

Cheap tickets - Cheap Flight Tickets in Africa

Find cheap flights in Africa

Cheap tickets - Cheap Ride share and Cabs in Africa

Explore the best Taxi or Ride Share companies in Africa

Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Kenya, Africa

Find budget hostels in Kenya


Cheap tickets - Kenyan Backpacker Train tickets information


What you should know


Kenyan Backpacker only helps you find the best budget travel options for your trips and journey around Africa by giving you information about all the available transportation modes: trains, buses, planes, and cabs or rideshares.

Once you have chosen your favorite option, we direct you to the related company’s website for the booking process.

That means we do not sell the tickets directly and suggest that you contact the company you purchased the tickets from for any inquiries or questions with regard to your booking.


For more information, contact us through the following channels;

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