eVisa Kenya: Kenyan Electronic Visa Online Application

Each visitor to Kenya is required to create an account on eCitizen and submit an eVisa to Kenya application online. The eVisa is issued electronically and travelers are required to obtain it before departure. Also, a parent can use their account to apply on behalf of children below 16 years.

What is eVisa to Kenya?

eVisa for Kenya is an Electronically issued visa “eVisas” by the Kenyan Government. It gives travelers a seamless and simple way to obtain their Kenyan Visa without having to send their physical passport. Unlike traditional visa processes, only a copy of the traveler’s passport is needed when making an online eVisa application. And upon a successful application, the electronic Visa is issued in about 48 hours.

The eVisa to Kenya is a document issued in PDF format which allows certain visitors to enter Kenya. This authorization document should be presented to an immigration officer at any point of entry. The officer thereafter grants the right to enter Kenya by issuing a visitor’s pass and endorsing it on the traveler’s passport.

Visa Requirements for Kenya

There are three Visa categories for visitors to Kenya. Each category highlights the requirements for passport holders of different countries in the World. They include;

Category 1: No Visa Required

This category includes all nationals and persons who can enter Kenya Visa-Free. Countries in this list include the following.

Visa Free Nationals

Category 2: Visa on Application

Nationals and persons who fall in category 2 can be issued with eVisas to Kenya upon successful application.

eVisa Kenya Category 2 Nationals

Category 3: Require Referred Visas

Visitors from nations that fall in Category 3, including people with refugee or stateless status cannot apply for an eVisa to Kenya online. This is because they require a clearance from the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi. Their VISA applications are “referred” to Kenya for processing and approval.

National of the following countries and persons who fall in category 3 requires a “Referred Visa” to enter Kenya.

eVisa Kenya Category 3 Nationals

Types of Visa Services in Kenya

There are six types of Visas to Kenya and are issued depending on the purpose of the visit. These Visa services include the following.

#1 Transit Visa

It is issued to travelers who are connecting through Kenya for a period not exceeding 72 hours. The Kenyan Transit Visa costs $21.

#2 Single Entry Visa

It is issued for single entry to visitors whose nationalities require a visa to Kenya either for tourism, business, or medical reasons. And, Kenya Single Entry Visa costs $51.

#3 Courtesy Entry Visa

This is free of charge Visa that is issued to Official, Service, and Diplomatic passport holders who are in transit or on official business or duties.

#4 East African Tourist Visa

This is a joint Visa that enables holders to travel to and within Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for tourism purposes. It costs $101.

#5 Multiple Entry Visa

It is issued to visitors who frequent Kenya and whose nationalities require a visa to enter Kenya. The multiple-entry Visa is valid for 3 to 12 months and costs $101.

#6 5yr Multiple Entry Visa

It is issued only to USA nationals who frequent Kenya for either tourism or business purposes. The Visa is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and costs $161.

eVisa Kenya

eVisa Kenya Online Application Process

  1. Go to the eCitizen eVisa Visitors Platform and register an account.
  2. Make your Kenyan Visa Online Application
  3. Submit your application online.
  4. Select Submit Application.
  5. Pay the visa processing fee (using a Visa card, Mastercard, or other Debit Card)
  6. Await the approval via email (within 48 hours)
  7. Log in to your account, download, and print the eVisa to Kenya.
  8. Present your eVisa to an immigration officer during your visit.

How to Verify or Check the Status of Your Kenyan Visa

Once the eVisa to Kenya is issued, a visitor can travel to any Kenyan entry point where their passport will be stamped and allowed to enter.

Kenya Government eVisa Services Contact details

Other eVisa Kenya services providers

Besides the official Kenyan government services, there are companies that assist in the eVisa Kenya application. These businesses take the burden from you so that you can concentrate on what is more important to you. Most of them are reputable, fast, affordable, and reliable. After sending them details, they make the application for you and promptly update you on the Visa processing progress.

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Note: For more up-to-date information on who requires a Visa to enter the Republic of Kenya, please check out the eCitizen Platform.

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