How to Redeem Bonga Points in Kenya

Safaricom, the leading telecommunications company in Kenya, offers a popular loyalty program called Bonga Points. This program enables Safaricom customers to accumulate points by using various services and redeem them for a wide range of rewards.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to redeem Bonga Points in Kenya so that you can make the most of your accumulated points.

Understanding Bonga Points

Safaricom rewards its customers with points for using services such as voice calls, SMS, data, and M-PESA transactions. The more services you use, the more points you accumulate.

You can redeem these points for rewards like airtime, data bundles, merchandise, vouchers, and even payments for goods and services at selected partner outlets.

Checking Your Bonga Points Balance

Please note that knowing your current balance is crucial before you redeem your points. Safaricom provides multiple ways to check your Bonga Points balance, including using the mySafaricom app, and dialing the USSD code (*126#). Besides knowing your points balance, you can plan your redemptions accordingly.

Redeeming Bonga Points for Airtime and Data

One of the most common and convenient methods of redeeming Bonga Points is by converting them into airtime or data bundles. To redeem points for airtime, simply dial the USSD code *126# and follow the prompts to select your desired airtime amount.

Similarly, you can redeem points for data bundles by using the USSD code *544# and following the instructions to choose the preferred data bundle.

Redeeming Bonga Points for Merchandise

Safaricom offers a wide range of merchandise that you can redeem using your points. This merchandise includes smartphones, tablets, home appliances, electronics, fashion items, and more.

You can visit the Bonga Points online portal or Safaricom shops to explore the available merchandise and select your desired item for redemption. The required points for each item may vary. And you can use your points to partially or fully pay for the merchandise.

Paying for Goods and Services

Safaricom has partnered with various outlets, including restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and retail stores, where you can use your Bonga Points to make payments. To pay with your points, simply inform the cashier that you wish to use Points as your payment method.

Provide your Safaricom number and enter your PIN when prompted. The cashier will deduct the corresponding points from your account, completing the transaction.

Special Offers and Promotions

Safaricom regularly introduces special offers and promotions that allow you to maximize the value of your points. These promotions may include discounted merchandise, bonus points for specific activities, or limited-time offers.

Stay updated on the latest promotions and maximize your rewards by watching Safaricom’s communication channels. They include SMS notifications, the Safaricom website, social media, and the mySafaricom app.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We hope this article has given you a comprehensive understanding of Bonga Points in Kenya. Now you can quickly check your points balance and redeem them for airtime, data bundles, and merchandise. Besides, you can even make payments at various partner outlets. Enjoy the benefits of this valuable loyalty program from Safaricom!