KCB Bank Internet Banking Platform

Experience the safety and security of KCB Bank Internet Banking platform. It provides you with convenience and control over your finances wherever and whenever you need it.

With their Internet Banking service, you can easily pay your utility bills and transfer funds to other accounts. You can also access your account statements right from the comfort of your internet-enabled device. Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with managing your finances online.

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KCB Bank Internet Banking User Login

  • Once you make the online banking application at a KCB branch, you will be issued with a user ID.
  • A password will also be delivered through the delivery channels specified
    on the application form – SMS, Email or both SMS and Email.
  • Go to the internet banking page using the link onlinebanking.kcbgroup.com.
  • Select the preferred language
  • The page also emphasizes the need to adhere to security features
    related to system access and safeguarding of crucial account details
  • To log into the system, the user will key in the User ID given at the
    point of registration and the password sent.

KCB Bank Internet Banking Requirements

To access KCB Internet banking services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a KCB Bank account.
  • Register for KCB Internet banking.

Platform Rates and Fees

When using KCB Internet banking, there are certain rates and fees to be aware of:

  • There are no fees to access KCB Internet banking services, except for data charges that may apply.
  • There are no monthly access fees for using the service.
  • Fees are charged for fund transfers, which vary depending on the transfer amount and inter-bank charges.

KCB Bank Internet Banking Platform

Rates and Fees for KCB Bank Internet Banking

Here are the rates and fees associated with specific transactions on the KCB Internet banking platform:

  • Stop Cheque Payments: Ksh 450.
  • Balance Enquiry: Ksh 10.
  • Transfer to Own Account: Ksh 50.
  • Statement Access, including Mini Statement: Ksh 100.
  • Transfer to Third-Party Accounts in KCB: Ksh 50.
  • Cheque Book Order: Ksh 750 (subject to changes in SSRC).
  • Bill/Tax Payments: Ksh 30.
  • Bulk Processing (EFT): Ksh 150.
  • Standing Order Setup: Ksh 250.
  • Bulk Processing (Internal Accounts): Ksh 100.
  • Bulk Processing (RTGS): Ksh 500.
  • Swift Transfer: Ksh 2000.

These rates and fees may apply to specific transactions or services on the KCB Internet banking platform. Therefore, it is essential to review and understand the charges associated with each transaction to manage your finances effectively.

By familiarizing yourself with these fees, you can make informed decisions and ensure that you are aware of the costs involved in using the Internet banking service.

Taking the time to understand the rates will help you avoid unexpected charges and allow you to plan your financial activities more efficiently.

So, before proceeding with any transactions, take a moment to examine the fees and rates provided, ensuring a smooth and transparent banking experience.