Nairobi to Suswa SGR Train Schedule and Booking

In a previous article (A Plot for Sunday), I shared my experience onboard the SGR passenger train from Nairobi to Suswa. If you would like to take a similar ride, below are the details on the Schedule, Operating days, Stations along the line, Prices and How to book the train tickets.

About the Nairobi to Suswa SGR Train (The Suswa Express*)

On October 16, 2019, the first passengers boarded the Train from Nairobi Terminus to Suswa Station. This was after the 120-kilometer line was officially launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta the previous day.

Suswa line (SGR Phase 2A) is a continuation of the 485-kilometer line from Nairobi to Mombasa (for Madaraka Express Trains) which was launched on 31 May 2017.

The Suswa Long Distance passenger train runs from Nairobi Terminus in Syokimau to Suswa Station three (4) days a week. From Nairobi the train makes three (3) stops along the way – Ongata Rongai, Ngong and Mai Mahiu.

Arrival time: 10:35 am.
Return trip: 16:25 pm.

During weekdays, the train serves as a commuter rail between Ngong station and Nairobi Terminus with a stop at Ongata Rongai. Those intending to use the train on Wednesday and Friday can still do so as the Suswa Express stops at these intermediate stations.

SGR Suswa line: Route and Stations

1. Nairobi Terminus to Ongata Rongai
2. Ongata Rongai to Ngong
3. Ngong to Mai Mahiu
4. Mai Mahiu to Suswa

Commuter Train: Nairobi Terminus to Ngong Station via Ongata Rongai

This is the schedule for commuter service train between Nairobi Terminus and Ngong Station with a stop at Ongata Rongai Station. The train runs daily from Monday to Friday and is not available on weekends and public holidays.

Train 1: Ngong to Nairobi via Rongai

Departure (Ngong): 05:50 am
Arrival (Ongata Rongai): 06:03 am

Departure (Ongata Rongai): 06:06 am
Arrival (Syokimau): 06:28 am

The Nairobi Commuter Link Train leaves Nairobi Terminus (Syokimau) at 6:35 am to Nairobi Railway Station (CBD).

Commuters from Ngong and Rongai can connect with Madaraka Express (Intercounty) train which departs from Nairobi Terminus at 08:40 am. There is also a Link Train to Nairobi Terminus which departs from the CBD Station at 06:35 am.

Train 2: Nairobi to Ngong Via Rongai

Departure (Syokimau): 18:50 pm
Arrival (Ongata Rongai): 19:13 pm

Departure (Ongata Rongai): 19:17 pm
Arrival (Ngong): 19:30 pm

There is a Commuter Link Train which departs from Nairobi CBD to Nairobi Terminus (Syokimau) at 17:30 pm. Passengers to Ngong can use this train to connect with the 18:50 pm train above.

Schedule and Timings for The Suswa Express

This is the schedule for the passenger train from between Nairobi Terminus in Syokimau and Suswa Station with stops at the intermediate stations along the line. The train runs only on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Nairobi to Suswa via Ngong, Rongai and Mai Mahiu

Departure (Syokimau): 08:50 am
Arrival (Ongata Rongai): 09:13 am

Departure (Ongata Rongai): 09:17 am
Arrival (Ngong): 09:30 am

Departure (Ngong): 09:34 am
Arrival (Mai Mahiu): 10:06 am

Departure (Mai Mahiu): 10:10 am
Arrival (Suswa): 10:35 am

Suswa to Nairobi Via Mai Mahiu, Rongai and Ngong

Departure (Suswa): 16:25 pm
Arrival (Mai Mahiu): 16:46 pm

Departure (Mai Mahiu): 16:50 pm
Arrival (Ngong): 17:26 pm

Departure (Ngong): 17:30 pm
Arrival (Ongata Rongai): 17:43 pm

Departure (Ongata Rongai): 17:47 pm
Arrival (Syokimau): 18:10 pm

What you should know about the Nairobi to Suswa Passenger Train.

  • Each coach has a capacity of 118 seats (second class).
  • Toilets are available.
  • No restaurant car yet (Carry water and snacks as there are no better shops at Suswa)
  • It operates only four times a week (Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • There is no first-class coach yet.

How to book the tickets for the Nairobi to Suswa Train

At the time of writing this article (16/03/2020), the only way to get the tickets was by visiting the respective train station on or before the day of travel. At Nairobi Terminus, the booking window opens at 07:00 am and closes at 16:00 pm.

Note: Check the Kenya Railways Website for more ticket information.

Fare chart for the Nairobi – Suswa SGR Train

Below are the fare prices between different stations.

– Nairobi to Suswa: Economy class (Kshs 200) First class (Kshs 650)
– Nairobi to Rongai: Economy class (Kshs 100) First class (Kshs 200)
– Rongai to Ngong: Economy class (Kshs 50) First class (Kshs 100)
– Ngong to Mai Mahiu: Economy class (Kshs 100) First class (Kshs 500)
– Mai Mahiu to Suswa: Economy class (Kshs 100) First class (Kshs 200)
– Nairobi to Mai Mahiu: Economy class (Kshs 200) First class (Kshs 650)
– Nairobi to Ngong: Economy class (Kshs 100) First class (Kshs 200)
– Rongai to Suswa: Economy class (Kshs 100) First class (Kshs 500)

Check out this Complete chart from Kenya Railways for Fare, Schedule and timings (Including that of the SGR Link train for Madaraka Express – Mombasa to Nairobi)

Notes on Stations and Locations

Nairobi Terminus – Located in Syokimau
Nairobi Central Station – Located in CBD

Disclaimer: This website is not in any way affiliated with the Kenya Railways Website (The Official Government site for the railways in Kenya). Kenyan Backpacker also does NOT claim 100% accuracy of changing Information about the Passenger Train Services. As a Reader, you are advised to independently confirm the validity of information through other sources.



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I am to arrive on 22 dec 2020 in nrb
the following day 23 dec 2020 can i get a seat to suswa 2 nd class?
Johnson Chege Mugo


Can you please expound on what is in Suswa? Assuming I get there at 10.30 am, what places would you recommend I see during the day before getting a ride back to Nairobi?


Is the nairobi to suswa passanger train currently operational. I tried ti book online but couldn’t


It is not at the moment (14/09/2020). To book you have to visit the nearby train station.


How much is from ngong to suswa


Ngong to suswa train tickets


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