Nkasiri Adventure Park Location, Activities, and Contacts

Nkasiri Adventure Park is one of Kenya’s best travel destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Situated in Kajiado County, the park is a unique spot for team building, extreme sports, and social events. It is a popular place for events like high ropes, cycling, and corporate team building. Besides outdoor activities, the park offers experiential accommodation in its unique A-Frames camping pods.


Nkasiri Adventure Park is located near Kitengela town in Kajiado, about 40 Kilometers from Nairobi. The cheapest way to get there is by a hired van or joining a tour.

Activities at Nkasiri Adventure Park

There are several things to do at the Nkasiri Adventure Park. Some include physical activities while others just relax and enjoy their delicious meals. If you are looking for a plot for the weekend, below are some of the activities at the Park.

  1. Go for team building with your colleagues.
  2. Stay in one of their unique camping Pods.
  3. Spend a weekend with friends or Family.
  4. Indulge in extreme sports like high ropes.
  5. Go zip lining at the park.
  6. Make a bonfire and camp the night away!
  7. Play indoor games like billiards and darts.
  8. Play basketball or volleyball outside.
  9. Take a roadtrip there for Nyama Choma.
  10. Celebrate your big days like birthdays with family, and friends.

Rates and Charges

Their activities and experiences have different rates and charges. Contact the park for the latest rates. There are no entry fees at the Nkasiri Park in Kajiado.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Contacts

Website: https://www.nkasiri.co.ke
Facebook: facebook.com/NkasiriAdvenPark
Contact number: 0791 223 344
Email Address: reservations@nkasiri.co.ke

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