Road Trip Guide: Nairobi to Kigali through Kampala

Kenyan Backpacker’s Road Trip Guide. Nairobi to Kigali via Kampala

Have you been looking for Road trip guide to help you plan a trip to Kigali through Kampala?

Are you planning a group backpacking road trip to Kigali and you don’t know how to get there, where to sleep on a budget, things to do, what travel documents are required or where to eat?

Wondering how to get to Kigali by bus from Nairobi with a stopover in Kampala and make the most of your trip?

Do you feel tired of waiting for your friends to be free so that you can travel to East Africa?

Are you looking for a way to Explore Kigali and Kampala on a budget?

If yes, then this guide is for you.

Road Trip Guide Backpacking Kampala-Kenyann Backpacker Roadtrip Guide

What is included in this Road Trip Guide: Nairobi – Kampala – Kigali?

Transportation advice

In this guide, you will find information on the best buses from Nairobi to Kigali, Kampala to Kigali and Kigali to Nairobi, their schedule, prices, contacts, and office locations. You will also find tips on how to move around Kampala and Kigali.

Travel requirements and tips

All the documents you need for the trip and where to get them plus tips on how to hack the trip.

Accommodation suggestions

You will find suggestions on budget places to stay in Kigali and Kampala, their rates, contacts, and location.

Things to do and see

You will find all my recommended places to visit, things to see and their locations.

City information guide

This guide has everything you need to know about both cities from Banks, Exchange bureaus, ATM’s, Nightclubs, Restaurants, currency rates, where to shop, cultural centers to Languages spoken.

Budget tips

Do you want to have a budget before you start packing? Then this guide has the budgeting advice you need to plan better.

City maps

You will get custom google maps with all the mentioned locations, restaurants, hotels and hostels, bus stops and many more.

For only Kshs 569 ($5.69) you can get this guidebook which is downloadable on the Smartphone, tablet, computer, and kindle.

Backpacking Kampala, Uganda - Kampala maps Road Trip Guide; Nairobi to Kigali Via Kampala

Why should you buy this Road Trip Guide?

  • It is simple and straight to the point.
  • It is cheaper than other guidebooks out there.
  • Well researched information on distances, time, accessibility
  • Organized by regions and numbered to help you find the locations easily on the maps
  • You can ask me a question directly if you need any clarification.
  • With this guidebook, all you need to do is pack and go. It contains all the information you need for the trip.
  • The guidebook comes with custom google maps covering all the locations, places, attractions and directions mentioned in it.

Full Disclosure: What is not included in this Road Trip Guide?

Country Guide: This Travel Guide is a Road trip Guide and not a Destination Guide. It doesn’t include all the attractions in Uganda or Rwanda. Also, Some of the information contained in the Travel guide can be found across the many posts on this website and the web. What this guide does in consolidate all the information in one place for you!

Flights, cycling or overland truck information: The Guide dwells on Bus travel regionally and local transport (Taxis, BodaBodas, and TukTuks).

High-end accommodation suggestions: This Guide is designed for a budget traveler and all the accommodation options range from budget to mid-range facilities.

Printed Version: This Travel guide comes in the form of an eBook and on purchase can be downloaded in PDF Format. A paperback version is not available yet.

How to buy this Road Trip Guide: Nairobi – Kampala – Kigali.

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