Signs you are a true backpacker and traveler

Backpacking is not just about carrying gear on the back, wearing cargo pants  and walking down the streets to have everyone think you are cool. True backpackers are fueled by many other kinds of reasons. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere, the desire to experience new places, people and culture, and need to find oneself being some of the real driving forces.


Signs you are a backpacker

Backpackers also tend to have a lot in common — a love for the outdoors, a respect for nature, and an ease that comes from going without some everyday luxuries for a few nights.


Signs you are a backpacker

If any of these things define you, chances are you’re a true backpacker!

You can say “HELLO” and “Thank you” in multiple languages and you know more people by their nationalities not Names.

When you move to a new city, you have no clue where the post office is, but know where the nearest trails are.

Your backpacks have rain covers even if it isn’t raining.

You never stow your gear, it always stays mostly packed, accessible & ready to go at a moment’s notice.



Your budget includes trail food, park memberships, and hiking gear, but not things like basic cable or “normal” groceries.

You have friends from all over the world and  pocket full of stories to share for the rest of your lifetime.

You’d rather spend $300 on a tent and lantern than $50 on a hotel room.

Your best photos are usually with the clouds, the sunrise/sunset and everything else is below.

Are okay when people mistake you for a homeless person.

All your stories start with “When I was in…”

You fell closer to people you meet on the road than some of those you have known your whole life.

There is  a strong desire in you to rise above the normal and to explore.

You have no problem taking the public transport, staying in villages and interacting freely with locals.