The Best Way to Own A Luxury Holiday Home in Kenya

The Best Way to Own A Luxury Holiday Home in Kenya

It’s now safe to travel around Kenya as a tourist and explore its magic. This is if the President’s recent words are anything to go by. However, we have to keep ourselves safe by only touring areas with strict adherence to guidelines given by the government. A holiday home is perhaps the best and safest place to stay in while you vacation during these times. So today, I’d like to talk about the best way to own a luxury holiday home in Kenya.

Owning a holiday home or just luxury property is a dream for many, understandably because there are so many benefits that come with either. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy dream to realize, considering the costs involved.

However, there’s a way through which you can own a holiday home for just a fraction of the price. It’s called fractional ownership of luxury property and it’s perfect for a person who just loves to take a break and recharge away from their normal environment.

Own Luxury Holiday Home in Kenya

So, what’s fractional ownership of property?

It’s a concept that allows many different unrelated parties to share ownership of a given property. The type of property could be a yacht, jets, real estate, luxury resorts, among many others. All these different parties will split the costs required in order to access the property.

As a fractional owner of a holiday home or resort, you’ll be required to pay for a certain period every year after which you can enjoy a holiday there during that specific time of year. You could always travel to the home alone, with your friends, or with your family members.

If you’re wondering how seamless the process of acquiring this kind of ownership is, you’ll be glad to know that the entire process is managed by fractional ownership companies such as Fractional Warehouse so that you do not experience any problems with the other shareholders or staff.

Holiday Home in Kenya

Inside Ziwa Lodge Holiday Home

Is fractional ownership of holiday homes worth it?

It’s a concept that’s been around for some time in Kenya and a growing one owing to its many benefits.

Some of the benefits of fractional ownership of holiday homes include:

• It allows you to vacation at different locations as in some cases, the fractional ownership companies manage properties in different places. Fractional Warehouse, for example, has different holiday homes and resorts in both Diani and Nakuru where you could go on a luxury holiday.

• It allows you to spend more time on luxury vacations in state-of-the-art holiday homes. You get to enjoy the finer things in life without having to pay too much for them. Each of the holiday homes under Fractional Warehouse are well furnished so that you get to experience the best kind of luxury while you’re there. You’ll be relieved of the tedious check-in and check-out procedures upon arrival and the staff at the resorts are always ready to take care of you.

• You save on cash as you only get to pay a fraction of the total cost of the property. The cost of maintaining the property is also significantly lower as it’s shared among all the owners.

Holiday Home in Kenya ziwa pool

Ziwa Lodge Pool

Aqua Resort Holiday Home, Diani

In case you’d like to get a taste of the luxury holiday homes before you buy a fraction, you could always visit the Fractional Warehouse ones. Aqua resort in Diani is one of them. Not only is it located in one of the most beautiful beaches you can set foot in, but is also equipped with a kitchenette, a fully fitted living room, beautiful bathrooms, and a spacious veranda that overlooks the ocean. The Aqua resort has a luxurious swimming pool and is just a short distance from some of the most famous restaurants in the Diani area.

Ziwa Bush Lodge, Nakuru

If you prefer to holiday away from the coast, then the Ziwa Bush Lodge will work great for you. It’s located in a beautiful ecological surrounding in Nakuru town. It’s perfect if you’re cautious about your environmental footprint as the lodge is ecologically assembled amongst the natural vegetation. Ziwa bush lodge, despite being an amazing luxury resort does not disrupt the environment.

Better yet, why not visit the two? They give a similar luxury experience but in two different settings.

ziwa lodge

Travel Post COVID-19

If there’s any lesson we can take away from being cooped up at home for so long earlier this year, it’s that we should take advantage of every chance we get to enjoy more of what this world has to offer. A holiday in your dream destination at a place you can call yours is one way to go about it. Fractional ownership truly is the best way to own a holiday home in Kenya.

Fractional Warehouse provides an opportunity for you and your family members to own an amazing holiday home in Kenya. You can start your journey of owning your holiday home today.

Article by Sophie from Fractional Warehouse

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