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Buses from Nairobi to Kampala via Busia and Jinja.

Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala, Uganda, are the most vibrant cities in East Africa. Trading between the two cities creates a need for reliable, safe, and comfortable means of transport. The quickest and most affordable way of traveling from Nairobi to Kampala is by bus. Several long-distance buses are operating between the two cities.

Companies like BusCar, Mash Poa, and Guardian Coach operate direct buses departing from Nairobi and arriving at Kampala. These passenger buses depart every day in the morning and evening hours. The journey takes approximately 14 hours, with stops in Kisumu, the Busia border, and Jinja town.

Buses from Nairobi to Kampala Routes

Most Kampala-bound buses are boarded along River Road, Nairobi. The buses arrive at different bus stations in Uganda, including the Namayiba Bus Park.

The distance between Nairobi and Kampala is about 680 Kilometers. Buses take about 14 hours using roads A104, A1, B1, and A109. They pass through towns in Kenya and Uganda. Some of the destinations along the route include the following.

  • Nairobi to Nakuru
  • Nairobi to Kisumu
  • Kisumu to Busia
  • Busia to Jinja
  • Jinja to Kampala

Top 10 Best Buses from Nairobi to Kampala

List of Buses from Nairobi to Kampala

Below is a list of the top 10 bus companies offering passenger buses from Nairobi to Kampala. Their buses are picked based on years along the route, reliability, comfort, and travel experience.

  1. Guardian Coach
  2. Modern Coast
  3. Mash Poa
  4. Easy Coach
  5. Dreamline Express
  6. Simba Coach
  7. Tahmeed Coach
  8. BusCar Coach
  9. Crown Bus
  10. Classic Coach
  11. Kampala Coach

Bus Fares and Tickets from Nairobi to Kampala

The bus fare and tickets between the two cities cost $20 (Kshs 2,500). The most affordable companies along the route are Guardian Coach and Easy Coach.

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Top 10 Best Buses from Nairobi to Kampala