Top 10 Things to Do and See in Turkana County

Turkana County (023) is one of the 47 Counties in the Republic of Kenya. The county is in the former Rift Valley Province. It is also Kenya’s largest county by land area.

Located along road A1, Lodwar town is the headquarters and largest center in the county. However, there are other notable town centers in the County including Lokichar, Kakuma, Kalokol, and Lokichogio.

Hon. Jeremiah Lomurkai is the current Governor of Turkana county. He took over from Josphat Nanok after winning the 2022 general elections.

Sub-Counties in Turkana County

Turkana shares borders with Baringo, West Pokot, Samburu, and Marsabit counties. It also borders Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda. And it is made up of six (6) sub-counties. They include the following.

  • Loima
  • Turkana East
  • Turkana West
  • Turkana Central
  • Turkana North
  • Turkana South

List of 15 Best Places to Visit in Turkana County

There are several attractions in Turkana County. They range from museums, National reserves to heritage sites. If you are curious about discovering the county, below is a list of top places to visit in Turkana – The Origin of Mankind.

  1. Take a road trip to the western side of Lake Turkana.
  2. Take a boat ride to Central Island National Park.
  3. Explore the Eliye Springs Beaches.
  4. Visit the South Turkana National Reserve.
  5. Explore the Ferguson Gulf south of Kalokol.
  6. See the Lokori standing stones.
  7. Go and see the Nariokotome Turkana Boy Monument.
  8. Experience the Kapedo hot waterfalls.
  9. See the Kalokol standing stones.
  10. Visit Kenyatta House museum.
  11. Go for a hike near Lodwar town and see the Christ the Redeemer statue.

How to Get There

By Road: The cheapest way of getting to Turkana from Nairobi is by road. Several buses are plying the routes either from Nairobi, Eldoret, and Kitale.

By Air: The fastest way to get to Turkana County is by air. There are two major airports in the County – Lodwar, and Lokichoggio. Lodwar airport is busy with flights from Wilson Airport in Nairobi and Eldoret International Airport.

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Have you ever been to Turkana County? If yes, what are the best tourist sites and things to see and do? Please share with us.