When Work Becomes a Journey

We can all travel, without much money, young and old, alone or with friends, overcoming various obstacles that may discourage us. A common and most basic block in all this is definitely the “job”. Travel, however, is also their own business for some propitious people. So imagine having the opportunity to explore the world, while at the same time make a living. Sounds ideal to you? If yes, here are some examples in which work is not an obstacle but a means for more traveling.

Business Conferences

Travel abroad for various training and seminars is quite a well-known and widespread concept. Unfortunately, with this type of travel, you do not have enough free time to explore. This is because most of the time you’ll be busy attending and participating in seminars in hotels and exhibition spaces.

Travel Influencers

If you are a travel blogger or YouTuber, there are terribly many opportunities to travel for free. As an example, influencers will work with airlines and promote the company while having all the expenses covered. Their work is usually to document and share their experiences through Social Media. They also write articles for each trip (fam trips) and give prospective new travelers tips based on their experience. To make a lucrative income this way requires creating a strong brand, perseverance, and consistency.

International Mobilities

Did you know that there are also “Erasmus” for businesses in addition to Erasmus for students? In a global company with offices in different parts of the world, one can work for a short or long time in another country, which houses a branch of this business. It is an excellent opportunity to work and meet new people. Also at the same time, one gains valuable experience in this new work environment.

Travel Competitions

Apart from the small competitions that we see on Facebook or Instagram for free trips abroad, many companies that deal with tourism, for example, luxury travel, are looking for people to pay to travel around the world to promote their brand. They need skills such as photography, video editing, and communication.


Yes, this term that most of us did not know until recently came to star in our lives! Many companies, realizing how important flexibility is for a modern employee, allow working from anywhere you want as long as you get the volume of work. A lucrative telecommuting position is that of a voice actor. A voice actor can record all those audio parts that have been requested from him, from anywhere he wants, as long as he has the appropriate recording and mixing equipment.


In this way, he can create the content of his work, while at the same time, he will be able to travel from place to place with relative ease and comfort. If you are interested in practicing this creative profession, from the comfort of your hotel or your Airbnb room, then your first move should be to visit the voquent.com website and join its massive team of talented voice actors. In this way, you will gain numerous development opportunities. You will also earn a significant income that will allow you to travel to all those places you dream of.

Featured Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash