About Kenyan Backpacker

About Kenyan Backpacker

About Kenyan Backpacker

I was Born and raised in Kenyan Hinterland. It’s from there that Backpacking Africa, Hiking & Trekking, Volunteering and wandering begun.

In this blog, I share backpacking tips, travel planning, and destination advice to help you travel better in Kenya, Africa and around the World.

My Short Story

It’s after days and months of endless wandering that I came to this conclusion. Unlike many other hardworking men and women in this world, who rise every morning to work and thrive, my purpose in this universe was not to be a businessman magnate, an empire builder or inventor.

I was not born to be a scientist or a respected man of God – or a fisher of men. Certainly, not a chieftain or a politician.

For as long as I am in this world, mine is to continue the lineage of Cain, not to kill, but to wander. To explore, to remind me and others about the magical works of God – People, Nature, landscapes, and creatures both big and small.

I was born for the open road. And since my epiphany, I have been restless.

You can call me a pariah. But I won’t settle until I have experienced everything and interacted with everyone I was meant to.

If you too have itchy feet and always come up with an excuse to travel, you are welcome to join me in my wanderings – mostly in the African hinterland.

Let’s explore Africa together. And maybe we can learn something about ourselves.

Kenyan Backpacker: Travelogues of an African Villager/Wanderer. Let’s Explore Africa together. One Village at a Time!

My Interests

African Travel: Backpacking Travel | Travel by Buses | Motorcycle Adventures | Camping | Trains Travel | Hitch hiking | Offbeat Adventures.

African Way of Life: African Cultures | History | Heritage | Traditions | Architecture | Vernacular Dwellings | Music.

Off-Grid Living: Unique Homes | Campsites | Farms | Villages.

I hope you will find my travel stories and information helpful.

If you have found the info on this site useful and wish to make a donation, here’s my PayPal address: kenyanbackpacker@gmail.com

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Contact Me

  • Contact Email: leo@kenyanbackpacker.com
  • Contact Gmail: kenyanbackpacker@gmail.com



Which of the destinations you have been to had the greatest experience?


East Africa has been all great. But if I was to pick one destination, I would settle for a stretch between New Kapiri Mposhi and Lusaka in Zambia. This was during a Backpacking trip from Nairobi to Victoria Falls.(https://kenyanbackpacker.com/travel-nairobi-victoria-falls-road-rail/). The place left a permanent tattoo in my brain – a clear memory remains a few years later.

Nature at it’s best coupled with great works of man. It’s a typical pastoral idyll – An African hinterland to long for. The sunset filtering through dry trees by the roadside, distant hills, Huge round strawbales on ranches/farms, tractors, school children walking home, local music in the bus ……

Entebbe (Uganda) is the runners up!

Jos verhoef

Mijn naam is jos verhoef kom uit nederland en hebben via leonard een treinkaart besteld. Geld overgemaakt via p poll kaartjes ontvangen via mail leonard heeft voor ons de kaartjes uitgeprint en bij het hotel afgeleverd. Grote klasse .


Hi Caroline!
Are you trekking Elephant hill this weekend?

Jamal Lally

How do you suggest finding a guide for Elephant Hills day hike ?


You don’t need a guide. You can hire the rangers at the Forest gate and they’ll walk up and down the Elephant hill with you. The fee is 2,500 if i recall.


if you are agroup the 2500 suffices or?

Abdi indire

Your mobile number

Will Tottle

Hi there,

I hope I’m reaching the right person – If not, could you please forward my email to the correct/relevant person?

Last week I sent you an email regarding your web page (copy of email below) and I haven’t yet heard back from anyone.

I would still love for my article http://www.wonderfulwellies.co.uk/camping-checklist-guide/ to be placed as another beneficial resource/link on your page here https://kenyanbackpacker.com/nairobi-kenya-travel-resources-backpackers/.

Please let me know the correct person to contact regarding my request or if you can help me out! I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Will Tottle


Uuh-hoo!!! Oh, hi Leo 🙂 A man after my own heart. I too has a wanderlust spirit and reading you, it’s like you were reading from my script. Anyway, I am bookmarking this for when it’s more convenient for me to travel 😊. Aloha!


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