Best Power Factor Correction Companies in Kenya

In this article, we will highlight some of the best power factor correction companies in Kenya.

Power factor correction is an essential aspect of energy efficiency in electrical systems. It involves reducing the reactive power in electrical systems, which can lead to energy wastage and increased electricity bills. In Kenya, several companies specialize in power factor correction solutions. They include the following.

Powerhouse Engineering Ltd

Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. An electrical network operating at unity Power Factor represents a system at 100% efficiency. Anything less than unity means that extra power is required to achieve the task.

Powerhouse Engineering design and manufacture power factor correction equipment in Kenya for all applications.

Seamless Process Automation

Seamless Process Automation provides efficient power solutions by offering low-voltage power factor correction systems, control panels, and capacitor banks. Their products are supplied to their customers as fully assembled systems: designed, fabricated, tested, and ready for site installation.

Power Control Systems Limited

Power Control Systems Limited is a Kenyan-based power factor correction company that provides solutions to various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing. The company’s solutions include automatic and fixed capacitor banks, harmonic filters, and voltage optimization systems. Power Control Systems Limited works with clients to design and implement customized solutions that meet their specific power factor correction needs.

Fortis Ventures Ltd

Power factor correction solutions can reduce the kVA demand to lower your power bills and reduce carbon emissions in networks with varying levels of harmonics. In addition, active harmonic filters can reduce these harmful system harmonics and provide power factor correction. Fortis Ventures Ltd engineers provide on-site technical service and design, advising on several power quality solutions to improve your network efficiency and reliability.

Power Technics Limited

Power Technics Limited is a premier power factor correction company in Kenya, offering tailored solutions to diverse sectors such as commercial, manufacturing, and healthcare. The company provides a broad spectrum of power factor correction solutions, including automatic and fixed capacitor banks, harmonic filters, and voltage optimization systems. Its team of experts collaborates closely with clients to evaluate their power factor requirements and suggest the most suitable solutions.

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In Conclusion

Power factor correction (PFC) is a technique to enhance power factor and, consequently, power quality. By improving the power factor, PFC reduces the burden on the electrical distribution system. This leads to higher energy efficiency and lower electricity costs. Additionally, it minimizes the likelihood of equipment instability and failure.

We hope the above article has given you ideas for the best power factor correction companies in Kenya, including Powerhouse Engineering and PID Systems.

By engaging the services of these companies, businesses can optimize their electrical systems, increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the lifespan of their equipment.

Overall, these companies play a vital role in promoting sustainable development and energy conservation in Kenya.