Fuliza MPESA: How to Get Loan, Repay and Increase Limit

Fuliza MPESA is a financial service offered by Safaricom, a mobile network operator in Kenya since 2019. It allows users to complete transactions even when they have insufficient funds in their M-Pesa mobile wallet. With Fuliza, users can borrow small amounts of money to complete transactions such as paying bills, sending money to other M-Pesa users, and purchasing goods and services.

When a user initiates a transaction and does not have enough funds in their M-Pesa account, Fuliza automatically provides the shortfall amount up to the user’s pre-approved limit, allowing the transaction to go through. The user must repay the borrowed amount plus a small service fee within a specified period, usually 30 days.

How to Activate Fuliza MPESA

To activate the Fuliza MPESA service by Safaricom, follow these steps:

Ensure that you have an M-PESA account and a Safaricom SIM card. If you don’t have one, visit any Safaricom shop with your ID to get a SIM card and register for an M-PESA account.

  • Dial Fuliza USSD Code *234# on your Safaricom mobile line.
  • Select “Fuliza MPESA” from the menu options.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction using Fuliza.
  • You will receive a message confirming your eligibility for the service and the maximum amount you can Fuliza.

It’s important to note that Fuliza is an automatic service; you don’t need to activate it separately. If you’re eligible for the service, it will be available whenever you need to complete a transaction using M-PESA but need more funds in your account.

How to Increase Fuliza M-PESA Loan Limit

The Fuliza limit is determined by Safaricom, the telecommunications company that offers the service. The limit varies from customer to customer and is determined by several factors, such as the customer’s creditworthiness, usage history, and transaction patterns.

The Fuliza limit is calculated based on the customer’s M-PESA usage history, ability to repay, and it’s reviewed periodically.

It’s worth noting that while Fuliza can be a convenient way to complete transactions even when you don’t have enough money in your M-PESA account.

How to Withdraw Money from Fuliza

You can now withdraw from Fuliza by visiting an M-PESA shop countrywide. Fuliza withdrawal works the same way as withdrawing money from your mobile wallet.

On the other hand, you can repay the Fuliza amount at any time by depositing it into your M-PESA account. To repay the Fuliza amount, follow these steps:

  • Dial Fuliza Code *234# on your Safaricom mobile phone.
  • Select “Fuliza M-PESA” from the menu options.
  • Select “Pay balance.”
  • Enter the amount you want to repay and follow the prompts to complete the repayment.

You can also repay the Fuliza amount automatically when you deposit funds into your M-PESA account. The amount deposited will first go towards repaying the Fuliza balance before the remaining balance is available.


How to Opt-Out of Fuliza MPESA

If you want to opt out of the Fuliza Mpesa service, follow the following steps.

  • Dial Fuliza USSD Code *234# from your Safaricom mobile number.
  • Select “Fuliza M-PESA” from the menu options.
  • Click on Send
  • Select Opt-out

Please note that you need to clear any outstanding loans before opting out of the Fuliza service.

In Conclusion

Fuliza has become a popular service in Kenya, particularly among low-income earners relying on mobile money for daily transactions. However, users need to use Fuliza responsibly and avoid overborrowing, which can lead to debt problems.

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