Jumia Kenya: Best Online Shop for Camping Goods

Jumia Kenya is the leading online shopping mall in Kenya. Since its launch in 2012, the site has been the favorite shopping site of many people. It offers an easy and convenient platform for online buyers and sellers. Besides other products like electronics, the site lists sporting and outdoor goods. This range of products comes with amazing offers and deals. If you are looking for original products for the outdoors, check out Jumia’s Camping and Hiking category. They have products for adventure, recreation, sports, and fitness.

Camping and Hiking Goods on Jumia Kenya

Here is a list of products for the great outdoors that you will find on Jumia Kenya. They include goods for camping, hiking, and fishing.

  • Camp beddings: Sleeping bags, air mattresses, blankets, pillows, and sleeping pads.
  • Bags and Carriers: Rucksacks, Daypacks, Casual bags, child carriers, and backpack accessories.
  • Camp kitchen equipment: Stoves and grills, cookware, pots, utensils, cooler boxes, and accessories.
  • Camp furniture: Chairs, stools, hammocks, and foldable tables.
  • Outdoor clothing: Footwear, T-shirts, gloves, balaclavas, socks, leg gaiters, fleece pants, jackets, and more.
  • Water: Hydration packs, flasks, filters, purifiers, and storage items.
  • Knives and camp tools: They include multitools, axes, hatchets, saws, and hunting knives.
  • Lighting: Lanterns, light Sticks, flashlights, and headlamps.
  • Navigation: Binoculars, two-way Radios, watches, compasses, and GPS trackers.
  • Personal Care: Outdoor showers, insect repellents, soap, and towels.
  • Safety and outdoor survival: First aid kits, whistles, lighters, and matchsticks.
  • Tents and other shelters: camping tents, tarps, shades, and accessories.
  • Others: Hiking poles, ropes, fishing equipment, hunting tools, and cycling gear.

Advantages of Shopping Online on Jumia Kenya

The following are the benefits of Jumia Kenya online shopping.

#1 Saves Money and Time: Shopping online saves you time and money since there is no need to visit a physical shop to make purchases. Also, you can take advantage of deals and promotions that save money.

#2 Convenience: You can shop from anywhere and at any anytime of the day.

#3 Variety of Options: Jumia Kenya offers a variety of products to their customers. You can, therefore, browse through various stores and compare prices before making a final decision. Also, if the product is unavailable locally, they can ship it for you.

#4 Stress-Free Buying Experience: There are no distractions or price hikes.

#5 Privacy: You buy what you want and when you want to. Online shopping offers buyers privacy since they don’t visit shops physically.

Jumia Kenya Camping and Hiking Goods

List of Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

Besides Jumia Kenya, there are other online sites. These online shopping sites have made it possible to buy almost anything online. Some of them sell outdoor goods in specific but others are more general.

Hikers and Campers can shop for travel accessories and camping gear from the comfort of their homes, offices, or on the go.

If you are wondering if there are alternatives to Jumia Kenya, here is a list of the best online shopping sites in Kenya.

#1 Kilimall Online

This online site sells everything from smartphones to household appliances. They also sell camping gear and travel accessories.

#2 Jiji Kenya

Jiji is a leading free classifieds marketplace in Kenya. The site has great outdoors goods in its Sports, Arts & Outdoors category. These products include tents, seats, camping mats, headlamps, lanterns, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies.

#3 PigiaMe

Just like Jiji, PigiaMe is a classified ads site. They have ads for portable power stations, camping tents and chairs, picnic tables, cooler boxes, and more.

#4 Outdoorer Kenya

Besides their outdoor excursions, Outdoorer Kenya has a hiking gear online shop. They sell everything you need to hike and trek mountains and hills in Kenya. Their shop is stocked with affordable but quality gear from rucksacks to leg gaiters.

#5 Sky Garden

In their Sports, Leisure, and Travel section, Sky Garden sells all types of sporting goods. If you are looking for fitness equipment, biking accessories, camping gear, or golf equipment, Sky Garden has them.

#6 Decathlon Online shop

This is the best, in my own opinion, sporting goods shop in Kenya. They have camping tents, outdoor clothes, mountain bikes, gym equipment, and more.

#7 Builders Kenya

Although it is known for DIY products and building materials, Builders sells several outdoor goods. These include camp chairs, Gas cartridges, folding tables, tents, and lanterns.


While there are drawbacks, shopping online is convenient. It saves time and gives great deals on products. If you are looking for sporting goods or camping gear, the easiest way is to check online.

Tip: Always check out Jumia Kenya Black Friday. They have great deals on electronics, travel accessories, and more.

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