List of Locally Manufactured Vehicles in Kenya

This article presents a comprehensive list of locally manufactured vehicles in Kenya. From the pioneering Nyayo Pioneer Car to the innovative BJ50 and the electric revolution led by ROAM, we will explore the diverse range of vehicles proudly made in Kenya.

Additionally, we will highlight the exceptional designs, features, and contributions these vehicles make to the transportation landscape of Kenya and beyond. Join us as we delve into the world of locally manufactured vehicles in Kenya and celebrate the achievements of the country’s automotive industry.

List of Locally Manufactured Vehicles in Kenya

#1 Nyayo Pioneer Car

In 1986 Kenya introduced its first domestically manufactured car, the Nyayo Pioneer One (officially launched at Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium in 1991). The project was spearheaded by the late former President Moi. Notably, the Nyayo Pioneer One was not only a significant milestone for Kenya but also for the entire African continent.

This saloon car boasted a 1200 cc engine capacity and could reach a top speed of 120 km/h. It featured four variants: a 5-door sedan, a pickup truck, a rally version, and a sports coupe. All vehicle parts were locally manufactured (Except for the carburetor).

List of Locally Manufactured Vehicles in Kenya

#2 BJ50

This workhorse, equipped with a 250cc engine, 4WD capabilities, and a payload capacity of 800KG, effectively serves the needs of rural farmers. By providing cost-effective transportation to remote areas, it facilitates the transportation of farm produce, minimizing waste and maximizing farmers’ benefits. The BJ-50 is a substantial improvement over the canvased, low-payload TuKTuK three-wheelers.


#3 ROAM Electric Buses

ROAM, a Swedish company, is at the forefront of the electric revolution in Africa. It specializes in developing all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles such as light trucks, public transport buses, and motorcycles. Additionally, ROAM focuses on energy systems related to these vehicles. This company plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation options in Africa.


#4 Mobius II

Mobius II features an iconic design, modern styling, and rugged performance engineering, offering an unparalleled driving experience and unforgettable journeys. Moreover, the car is specifically built to withstand the demands of African roads. Its robust space frame, durable suspension, and reliable engine enable it to handle rough terrains easily. Mobius has reimagined the vehicle, catering to the unique requirements of African consumers.


#5 Mobius III

Mobius III is a rugged off-road SUV that combines advanced drive and infotainment features with exceptional reliability. It comes with a 3-year/60,000 km warranty and authorized service support, ensuring peace of mind for the owners. Adding this large SUV to the Mobius lineup offers uncompromising drive performance, comfort, and versatility at an exceptional price.


#6 Volkswagen (Polo Vivo)

This vehicle features a 1.4-liter engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, CD player, alloy wheels, and raised suspension. Introducing the Polo Vivo assembly in Kenya contributes to the country’s growing automotive industry.

Volkswagen (Polo Vivo)

Final Thoughts About Locally Manufactured Vehicles in Kenya

In conclusion, Kenya is not only popular as the best tourist destination with breathtaking landscapes but has also made noteworthy strides in the automotive industry. It manufactures vehicles that range from innovative cars like the Nyayo Pioneer One to versatile workhorses like the BJ-50.

With the emergence of companies like ROAM and the continued efforts of manufacturers like Mobius and Volkswagen, the future of the automotive industry in Kenya looks promising.