10 Basic Hiking and Camping Essentials

Heading out for a camping trip or hiking adventure soon? ensure you have your pack’s basic camping essentials.

Whether it is your first hike after a long while, your first hike ever, or just one of many camping trips, it’s always a good idea to check your 10 camping essentials to make sure you have everything and all in working order!

The following is a list of 10 basic camping essentials to pack before going out on an outdoor adventure. They include survival items, food, and a temporary shelter kit.

Camping essentials

#1 Backpack/Rucksack

A good rucksack/backpack is one of the most essential camping gear. Depending on the length of a trip, one needs to choose a backpack with enough capacity and with the necessary features. A lightweight (60L), compact and comfortable backpack is always recommended.

#2 Hydration

It is very important to stay hydrated during a camping trip especially if you intend to engage in hiking or climbing activities. If there is no source of water at your intended camping site, make sure you carry enough for the trip. Sometimes you will come across streams and rivers on the trails. For this, carry a refillable water bottle with a filter.

#3 Food & Energy

Be sure to bring enough supply of food and energy snacks to last you through the trip. Food with good nutritional value and high energy is recommended especially if you intend to do physical activities like hiking.

#4 Survival Tools

Emergencies are not rare in the wild. When planning your trip, pack a small emergency box with survival tools and a medical kit. The box should be lightweight and include essentials such as first aid supplies, a Multi-tool, duct tape, scissors, a whistle, and a knife.

#5 Fire

Campfire is an essential and fun part of camping. The burning wood keeps as warm and brightens the nights in the wild. It is also a necessary heat source for cooking. Before heading out, make sure you carry a matchbox with enough sticks, fire starters, and a lighter.

Note: It is important to study your destination’s rules with regard to campfires. Some parks do not allow open fires.

#6 Lighting

There is a high chance that your camping destination is off the grid. This calls for a need for lighting. Essential light sources include a headlamp with new batteries, a lantern (preferably solar), and a flashlight.

#7 Outdoor Wear

Nature and wild trails are very unpredictable. Before heading outdoors for a camping trip, prepare for changes in weather conditions. Make sure you pack suitable clothing for the expected weather. These may include; good hiking boots, waterproof jackets, rain cover, gloves, and thermal wear.

#8 Navigation

Navigation systems such as physical maps, compass, offline maps, and GPS are useful when planning a route and during the trip. They help you know where you are and find your way in case you go off the trail. Offline maps are even more helpful where there is no mobile network reception.

#9 Outdoor shelter

If you are camping in the wild, chances are that you will need your own shelter for the night. A good shelter should protect you from being exposed to extreme weather conditions and other elements. A camping tent, camping mat, sleeping bag, and a light blanket make up the basic essentials for an outdoor shelter.

#10 Other essentials

You may require to carry other items to make your camping experience better depending on where you are going. Some of these extra items may include hiking poles, sunscreen, cooking utensils, cooler box, camping stove, camping chair, table, etc.

What else do you pack for your camping trip that I have left out on the list? Share in the comment section below.

Gear up for an adventure and enjoy the trip.


Top 10 Basic Camping Essentials

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