10 Safe African Destinations for Solo Female Travelers from the UAE

The Safest African Destinations for Solo Female Travelers – Find out where solo female travelers can travel in Africa without worrying! With this list of destinations, you can confidently plan your African adventure.

The world is your oyster, and you can travel anywhere you want. But anyone who has gone exploring knows that traveling anywhere in the world is not always simple, especially if you are a woman. While there are a lot of incredible places to visit, you should think about your safety during your trip before you leave.

Africa is a vast, diverse continent with amazing destinations shrouded in historical relics, gorgeous wildlife, beautiful wilderness, and coastal townships. However, most people are unaware of which African nations are safe to visit when they plan to travel there. When it comes to solo travelers, especially females, the anxiety is doubled. That’s why it is essential to do some homework before you plan a holiday to an African destination.

List of 10 Best African Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

With so many fantastic places in Africa, it can be overwhelming to pick one. So, to make things simpler for discerning solo female travelers, we have selected the 10 safest and most beautiful destinations to visit in Africa as per the Global Peace Index (GPI) ranking for 2022. Save these for future reference.

#1 Mauritius

GPI Rank: 28

A charming French-infused island cast away from Africa’s eastern coast, Mauritius is a popular tropical vacation destination. The island is possibly the safest place on the African continent for female travelers to visit without concern. The island nation is popular for resort vacations, and most resorts provide the best safety measures, concierge services, guides, and facilities for women to have a wonderful time.

#2 Ghana

GPI Rank: 40

Popular for its scenic coastal stretches, lively and vibrant culture, and colonial heritage, Ghana is quite an excellent place for solo women to travel as people have a good homely attitude. This nation has fewer crime rates against women. Getting a Ghana Visa from Dubai is also simple and easy to procure.

#3 Gambia

GPI Rank: 45

The third safest destination to visit in Africa is Gambia, a country in West Africa. The destination is ideal for witnessing fascinating biodiversity and wildlife in year-round sunny weather. The Gambia is warm and hospitable overall, whether it is the climate or the people who make you feel welcome and safe in their nation, and is popularly tagged as the Smiling Coast of Africa.

#4 Botswana

GPI Rank: 48

Next up is Botswana! This country in Africa’s southern region is renowned for its varied wilderness and landscape, which the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta have significantly influenced. The destination is well-known for its national parks, game reserves, and exciting experiences.

It is one of the regions of Africa with the lowest crime rates. But it won’t be cheap if you want to go on a safari. This region is known for its exquisite nature safari tours, which are quite expensive.

#5 Seychelles

GPI Rank: 51

Seychelles is the place to go for a chic tropical leisure vacation.  Known as one of the safest and most rejuvenating scenic islands to visit in Africa, Seychelles is a premier choice for solo travelers. The friendly locals, the scenic coastal vistas, and the low crime rate make it one of the top choices for solo female travelers.

#6 Morocco

GPI Rank: 74

Morocco is another gorgeous African country on the northwest tip of the continent. A Mediterranean vibe with Middle Eastern and African influences permeates throughout the region. It is exceptionally multicultural and also blessed with beautiful weather, picturesque landscapes, and stunning coastal views.

While traveling to Morocco alone as a female traveler is not tough, be on the lookout for tourist misconduct and scams, which are common in Morocco. However, with a bit of intuition and common sense, you should be able to avoid or keep them at bay while traveling.

#7 Madagascar

GPI Rank: 84

Beach and nature lovers will love this East African island nation, which rests on the Indian Ocean. You can go whale watching, enjoy scuba diving, swim with sharks and rays, explore breathtaking wildernesses, spot wildlife, and much more in Madagascar.

Overall, women can travel safely, and the destination is relatively safe for daytime activities. There are petty crimes and tourism scams to be aware of. It is also a fantastic location for an African nature adventure.

#8 South Africa

GPI Rank: 118

South Africa needs no introduction. It is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, with many people flocking to enjoy the pleasant weather and coastal beauty. However, when it comes to being a haven for solo female travelers, this African country drops down the list, possibly because it is overcrowded with tourists and thus has a high crime rate among visitors.

Although women are often the targets of these crimes, traveling alone can be enjoyable with the right attitude, intuition, and assistance. It is advised to book services through a reputable travel company that knows what’s best, right from a South Africa Visa from Dubai to all the tour arrangements.

#9 Kenya

GPI Rank: 120

Most solo vacationers would choose to go on a safari in Kenya, possibly the most popular and recognized wildlife safari destination in Africa. Kenya travel destinations for solo Female travelers are plentiful, and as a popular tourist destination, there are many ways to customize trips and tours to suit individual preferences.

Kenya, however, ranks lower than other African travel destinations due to the dangers of mugging, scams, and other tourist-related crimes. This is because of the country’s high tourist popularity. Nevertheless, if you have a good tour guide, the country is one of the best to visit in Africa.

#10 Uganda

GPI Rank: 121

Lastly, Uganda, one of Africa’s least-discussed travel destinations, is surrounded by the beauty of unspoiled nature, picturesque wildlife, and the snow-peppered Rwenzori Mountains. Often overlooked by tourists due to Kenya and Tanzania’s popularity, Uganda is the best place to experience true natural beauty at its finest from the perspective of a solo traveler.

Aside from minor offenses, the country is among the safest in Africa to visit. But if you are a female solo traveler, combining your trip with group tours rather than backpacking is best. You can easily obtain your Uganda visa from Dubai. Also,  many reputable tour agencies in the UAE can help you with all tour planning aspects.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it! Pick and choose your favorite destination for your next solo African adventure. Having a few basic standard rules and leaning on your gut instinct is quite necessary when traveling to Africa. When in doubt, stay away from lonely areas, avoid venturing out at night, and dress modestly.

Remember, if you are unsure about any destination, the Global Peace Index ranking will give you a good idea of whether the country is among the safest to visit. The lower the crime rate, the safer the region is as a travel destination.