Applying for your Visa Online Using an eVisa Service

Electronic Visa (eVisa) Service

Make the hassle of applying for a Visa a thing of the past with an eVisa service.

Nowadays, traveling is becoming more and more accessible. We travel just for tourist purposes, to see more exciting places, visit relatives or friends, for education or work. You make your life easier: buy flight tickets online, and book hotels and tours online, but getting a visa is still a burden for you!

You postpone your trip or idea to travel to a particular country just because you don’t want to experience this again… The necessity to cancel your plans because you have an appointment at an embassy, long queues, crowds, numerous sheets of paper, and having to answer tricky questions. But you know what? Now you can avoid this fuss too. Just try an eVisa!

Applying for your Visa Online an eVisa Services

What is an eVisa?

You probably know that a visa is a travel document permitting you to enter a country, but you get used to the idea that in order to get it, you should go to an office and have a lot of paperwork. In fact, in most cases, it’s not necessary at all, as there is an alternative – an electronic visa.

An eVisa is an official permit to enter a country obtained through a digital form. Many countries launched the processing of electronic visas to make traveling easier. And, with an eVisa Service like Passport Visa Org, you can get an eVisa and necessary entry permits without stepping a foot from your home!

Applying for your Visa Online an eVisa Services

Benefits of getting an eVisa

#1 Convenience

The first thing that hits you when you think of an electronic visa – you don’t have to go to an embassy or consulate. In fact, you don’t even have to go out as you can apply for it in any place: you can get a visa from your couch at home or workplace, or even from the beach where you’re currently on vacation. You only need a gadget with an internet connection and your documents.

That means you don’t have to reschedule your plans and waste time making several appointments with an embassy and going there, waiting in queues.

You have no need to stick to particular working hours (as you’d have to if going to an office). You can use the website whenever you want – in the morning, during lunch break, in the evening, or even at night.

The digital process is much simplified compared to getting a regular visa. You avoid irritating bureaucracy and paperwork as all you need is to make a few clicks.

#2 Security

One more benefit is that the digitalization of information ensures improved security. This is because it’s getting easier to check destination security advisory and also see global terror watchlists.

#3 Saves you money

Electronic visas save money both for you and for government authorities. You don’t spend resources on transportation to an embassy or a consulate and back. It also saves your money if in order to attend an office you have to miss work. For government authorities, it reduces costs on many administrative tasks.

#4 Better for the Environment

Moreover, the digital process of getting a visa is better for the environment. It’s almost scary to think of all that amount of paper spent on applications and copies of supporting documents. Not to mention how much energy and resources are used for paper to be produced, transported, and stored.

#5 More Travel Experiences

Of course, one of the major impacts of eVisas is that you travel more often as it’s getting more accessible. You think of traveling to the countries you’ve never imagined being able to visit before. You become more open-minded and get to learn about the traditions and customs of various nationalities.

What is required for obtaining an eVisa?

Each country has its particular requirements, so first, you should check if you are eligible to get an eVisa. If you are, congratulations, you can leave boring visiting of embassies in the past! You need to comply only with basic requirements, having:

  • a valid passport (the best is if it’s valid no less than six months ahead of the planned date of arrival);
  • a working gadget (a computer/laptop/phone with an internet connection)
  • a valid means of payment to pay fees online (a credit/debit card or any other method of online payment);
  • an active email address (you receive your visa via email, so you must have access to it).

How to get an electronic visa using an eVisa Service

The process of getting a visa online is very simple and doesn’t require any special computer knowledge. Follow these simple steps:

  1. You should fill out the form on the website that offers services for providing electronic visas. You enter your personal data containing passport details, the purpose of your travel, and your email address.
  2. Next, you should attach the necessary documents. They must comply with a specific size and file format and be of good quality. There may be additional requirements for a photo. For example, it cannot be “cut” directly from the passport or contain any filters; the face must be in front with the eyes facing the camera.
  3. Pay a fee via the available online payment method. The costs may vary depending on your nationality, the number of days to stay, and the type of purpose and entry.
  4. Wait for your visa at your email. Make sure you’ve entered the correct email address. The time of processing depends on the visa type, your country, and some other details like additional documents, but normally, you don’t have to wait for a long time: it’s a matter of several minutes or days. Sometimes you need to print out your visa, but usually, your passport is in the eVisa Service system, and you don’t need anything else.


Travelling seems much more effortless and cooler now, right? All process is digitalized, and your phone is basically all you need to get an entry to another country. Electronic visas not only save your (and government authorities’) time and money but also are sustainable, which is essential to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Want to save your energy for the future trip and not waste it on attending offices? An eVisa is for you! You’re a night owl and have the best concentration at night? Use online visa processing to ensure you don’t make any mistakes in your application form. Keep up with the newest technologies and make the hassle of applying for a regular visa a thing of “the ancient times”!