Best Hiking and Trekking Groups in Kenya

When looking for a group or company to hike within Kenya, I always consider a couple of factors. These factors will then help me get the best out of the hike or trek.

What to consider when picking a Hiking Group in Kenya

  • The cost of the hike: As a backpacker, I look for a moderate price. This gives me the ability to do more without having to go through financial strains.
  • The number of people expected to be going for that particular hike: I am of the opinion that no matter the number of guides in the team, more than 20 hikers in one group at times is too many. It is quite hard to manage such a group, especially if the nature of the hike requires some experience and your group consists of a number of beginners.
  • Uniqueness: A unique group has a website, YouTube channel, and an updated portfolio of their previous hikes. It also specializes in hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. However, if it tries to do everything from Paintball events, Cycling, road trips, and marathons, it may tend to have divided attention and as a result, deliver poor results.
  • Rating: Some groups may have a 5-star rating but still lack quality services. I normally look at their social media engagements, reviews from happy clients, and portfolio.  This way I will not be attracted just by their effective marketing strategies.
  • Previous history: Normally, a group that has successfully taken hikers to Elephant hill, Aberdares, and to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, or Mt. Meru says a lot about itself. It shows the capability to do it again or even do better.
  • Guides: It is important to pick an experienced group of guides. If the guides haven’t been there before you may end up getting lost or not even finishing the trek. An experienced guide goes a long way toward making a hike successful. Encouraging, polite, and patient guides also give you the motivation to keep going even when you feel you can’t take that extra step.

Over time I have used different groups and I can say each of them has its pros and cons. Below are some of the best hiking groups in Kenya.  They are specialists in outdoor activities ranging from climbing local hills, Forest trails, and Mountain climbing.

8. Outdoorer

Outdoorer is a fresh and dedicated hiking group. It is a community of hikers who run scheduled hiking activities all year round to trails all over Kenya. Their events are geared more towards solo hikers and beginners into the outdoors. The group has two really cool programs for new hiking enthusiasts – Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days and The Rookie to Advanced Hiker.

7. Tusafiri Africa Safaris

tusafiri africa safarisTusafiri Africa Safaris is a new entrant to the market. The founder is very keen on wild photography as well as nature. The best thing about this Kenyan hiking group is that they try to keep the participants as minimum as possible. This makes it easy for guides to manage the team. They have treks and hikes lined up almost every weekend. Just like Global trek Safaris, Tusafiri Africa Safaris specializes more in moderate hikes both locally and across the borders. Their website is classy and informative too.

Contact: +254724 046463

6. Global trek Safaris

globe trekThis is a new entrant into the market and they are doing well. Their unique bit is that they take you to new places every time. The founders are experienced hikers and photographers. This group normally specializes in moderate hikes, treks, and camping but maybe they will soon be taking hikers to the summit of Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. I did a hike with them to Elephant hills, Aberdares and it was amazing. You also get a free 1-liter water bottle which goes a long way!

Contact: +254701 027067

5. Cheetah Revolution Safaris – Exploring Kenya

best hiking groups in kenyaCheetah Revolution Safaris is also one of the best hiking and trekking groups in Kenya. Though they have diversified to other travel packages, their hikes and treks remain affordable and constant. They are your go-to hiking group. They also organize Mountain biking, paintball, and other expeditions.

Contact: +254 724 337 652

4. Kenya Outdoors Tours and Travel

best hiking groups in kenyaThis is a well-established Tour and Travel Agency in Kenya. They offer budget, Semi Luxury, and/or Luxury Travel packages both locally and beyond. I haven’t had a personal experience with this group on their hikes but they are worth checking out. Kenya Outdoors Tours and Travel have a big social media presence and their website is always updated with current and recent events.

Contact: +254735003535

3. Africa Outdoors Safaris.

best hiking groups in kenyaIf you are looking for a great outdoor company, then Africa Outdoors Safaris is your bet. They are very efficient and have been in the industry a bit longer, they boost with a big positive following.  Their operations are broad, from Hiking to road trips to team building activities.

The company has an up-to-date website and a YouTube channel where you can watch their previous hikes. Their charges are pocket-friendly so you can be sure to save a few Shillings and have quality services when you hike with them.

Contact: +254728 839300

2. Expeditions Maasai Safaris

best hiking groups in kenyaThis is an award-winning tour and travel company. They started conducting local hikes and they have since grown to a big tour and travel company.  One thing I love about Expeditions Maasai Safaris is that despite diversifying their operations, they still take hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing seriously. Though priced a bit higher compared to the latter, you can be assured of good services. They have a website and they have a prompt reply to your queries. I hope they keep the same track record and maybe get better.

Contact: +254714 318944

1. Hikemaniak

best hiking groups in kenyaAfter having hiked with this team for a while, I can confidently say they deserve my hike fee. Hikemaniak Kenya consists of some of the very experienced Hiking and trekking team leaders in Kenya.  They work closely with the best hiking groups in Tanzania (Kili Heroes), Uganda, and Rwanda to facilitate climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and other Mountains outside Kenya. They specialize particularly in Local hikes and treks as well as climbing the highest peaks in Africa. Their prices are reasonable and they take manageable groups during each hike. Their hikes are lined up in a way that you do local moderate treks as part of training for the more challenging hikes. The company/group has a website and Facebook page where you can browse and book their upcoming events.  This is one of the best hiking groups I can recommend in Kenya.

Facebook Page: Hikemaniak       

Contact: +254721510057

If you need more information on the latest hiking activities in Kenya or in need of a private local tour guide, Contact Kenyan Backpacker.

Other hiking and outdoors groups in Kenya worth checking out are:

  • Tujionee Kenyan Adventures     
  • Stejos Tours and Travel
  • Adventure 360 Africa
  • Bush-Thorns Adventures     
  • Climax Adventures and Safaris     
  • Kip fit Adventures
  • KUDU HILLS Safari Trails     
  • Euroncia Travel And Tours  




Mahn, Elyzza tour company are swindling people out here. Its misleading to put them on the list…

Robert Macharia

Elyzza is shaky at best. Best to use other agencies usicheze na pesa yako


Thank you for this. Be sure to do a review search on the tour companies; Google reviews, Wanderlust Diaries, Buyer Beware.
This will help you make an informed decision.


Hi how about you pull down elyzza tour company ?! If you’ve been keen , you must see so so many complains about them being con artists ! Stealing from unsuspecting travelers , cancelling trips last minute without communicating! Please don’t make more innocent Traveller fall prey to them ! I am currently seeking my refunds from a trip which was cancelled in feb and they refused to refund my money ! They have been called out in buyers beware , they have been even blocked out in wonderlust coz of all swindling games ! They are trending for all the wrong reasons ! Please remove them from your list !


this was helpful , i want to start a hiking culture and you just gave me an idea where to start


This is excellent information about hiking in Kenya groups that offer adventure trips for those seeking hikes, trekking and walking safari.


Ive been on Hikes several Groups Here. Definitely the best Experience

Peris Ndiritu

Kindly refer me to one


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