What You Should Know Before Your First Trip To Kenya

If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure holiday where you’ll get the chance to witness the majesty of the natural world up close, a trip to Kenya could be perfect for you. The options for activities to do and sights to see are endless, you’re certain to return with a lifetime’s worth of memories.

However, as with any holiday, there are a number of things you should be aware of. If you’re going to Kenya to seek excitement and adventure, this is even more important. If you’re planning on booking up a trip to Kenya, we’ve put together a guide with some essential tips.

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Get Travel Insurance

Accidents can occur on any holiday. On an adventure holiday, the risks are significantly greater. Even minor injuries can worsen and have serious implications and can lead to you requiring medical attention. Medical services abroad can be very different from what we’re used to at home and can incur extremely high costs.

Make sure you get travel insurance before your trip. Have a look at some travel insurance offers, you’ll especially need cover should any medical expenses arise during your trip, as well as cover for things like accidents, travel disruption, or lost baggage.

Get Vaccinated

When you travel to any foreign country there is the possibility that you may encounter unfamiliar diseases and infections. These can prove extremely dangerous for travelers, as their immune systems aren’t prepared to cope with these new pathogens.

Getting vaccinated for relevant diseases ahead of time is strongly advised and is even required by law in some nations. If you’re heading to Kenya, you will need to provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccination and a negative PCR test from within the past 72 hours.

Additionally, Kenya has recently been deemed a high-risk region for yellow fever. As a result, the country requires that entrants over one year old are vaccinated against the disease.

Pack Accordingly

Kenya can get incredibly hot, with temperatures often reaching upwards of 35 degrees Celsius. You’ll need to pack the right kind of clothes to cope with this heat. Loose, breathable clothes will be the best choice. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses as well.

Always remember to bring sunblock. Spending long periods of time exposed to the sun’s rays can be extremely harmful and may lead to serious health issues. Always wear your sunblock when you’re outside and take regular breaks in the shade when you can.

Adventure holidays can often involve a lot of walking over unsteady and variable terrain. Make sure you bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots and thick, comfortable socks.

Stay Away From The Hippos

Heading out on safari and checking out the Kenyan wildlife can be an unforgettable experience. However, you should always remember that these animals are wild and have the potential to cause serious injury.

Hippos may look like jolly, cuddly animals but in fact, are considered one of the most dangerous land animals on the planet. They are huge, fast, and aggressive animals with extremely powerful jaws and sharp teeth. If you do encounter a hippo, keep your distance and make a quick retreat to safety.


A trip to the African continent to visit Kenya can be one of the most memorable life experiences. The country is full of breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife, you’ll find a never-ending list of places to go and things to see.

To ensure your trip is successful, get travel insurance ahead of time, make sure you’ve got all the necessary vaccinations, pack everything you’re going to need, and stay away from the hippos!