How to Display Your Africa Travel Photos on Wall

10 Unique Ways to Display your Africa Travel Photos on Wall

If you travel to Africa with your smartphone or camera, you might return home with hundreds of photos. Then, you will probably upload them on your social media accounts, making your friends jealous of those interesting pictures. But after some time, all those precious travel moments will be stored and forgotten in a photo album or a hard drive.

When it comes to your Africa travel photos, there are various ways to use and relive those memories. Furthermore, you can use unique and creative tricks to decorate your home with those images. Some of the exciting ways are as follows:

Print your Africa Travel Photos on a Canvas

Africa Travel Photos

All of you click many photos when you visit Africa for vacations. Of course, you casually snap some of them, but a few of them are special and close to your heart. Those selected pictures have everything perfect, from lighting to colors. So get them printed on canvas to relive the amazing trip. Then, hang that canvas print on a blank wall making it a focal point of the room. It is a beautiful way to keep your travel memories alive.

Put a Digital Frame

A digital frame is the easiest way to display your Africa travel images. Nowadays, all digital frames are Wi-Fi enabled, so it would be easy for you to easily link them to cloud sharing services. Therefore, mount these digital photo frames on a blank wall and connect them to Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also manage settings to switch images after some time.

Curate a Travel Gallery Wall

Africa Travel Photos1

Attract everyone by displaying your pictures of vacations in Africa. You can select your favorite travel photos and get them framed. Then, hang them on a blank vertical surface and curate a beautiful gallery wall. This memory wall will look exciting if you add some African art pieces. So, explore the African wall art collection by ElephantStock and select some lovely artworks for your interiors.

Relive your Vacations with Stylish Calendars

Do you hang a wall calendar at your home? Though you may not need a calendar in this digital age, you can relive the Africa travel memories with it. You will remember a different moment when you flip the page every month. So, get a personalized calendar including travel photos, and hang it on the wall keeping your wanderlust alive all year.

Create Monochrome Series

Highlight the wall by decorating monochromatic photos of your Africa travels. You can choose a particular wall in your room and display pictures of the same format to create a monochrome series.

Pinning Travel Pictures on Map

Combining travel photos with a map is a unique way to showcase your wanderlust, and it makes your wall look eye-catching. Simply pin a picture with the famous landmark of Africa or memorable travel images next to a certain location. In addition, you can add a date when you visited that place. It will make your map look more meaningful.

Travel Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a unique way to display travel photos or souvenirs from your trips. For instance, you can use ticket stubs for an outdoor concert or parking stubs for any park. So, get creative while making additions to your shadow box. It is a fun way to showcase your travel images.

Travel Collage

Are you confused about what to do with your Africa travel images? Well, turn all trip photos into an eye-catching colorful collage. It is an excellent method to organize your travel memories. In addition, it is an original yet unique décor item.

Transform your Travel Images into Murals

Africa Travel Photos2


The mural is an interesting way to decorate a dull wall. Moreover, it will make you feel like you are back in Africa. Cover one entire wall with your travel photos or a single eye-catching photo. It is a fantastic way to create the same atmosphere you found in Africa.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are a popular option for wall art. These unique prints come in many sizes, from sizes 8×8” to 24×36”. They are a great way to showcase favorite images from African travels. You can get sharp and crisp images with high color vibrancy with high-quality printing.

Closing Thoughts

There are several unique ideas to display your Africa travel photos. Once your trip is over, you can tuck precious memories in your mind using the above tricks.

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