How to Fight Aerophobia: Hacks for Travelers

How can you fight Aerophobia?

Does the mere thought of flying throw you into a panic? And an insidious plan to pretend to be anything and do anything you’re asked to do, just not to fly? Then this article is for you.

Let’s define aerophobia or pre-flight anxiety.

Aerophobia is an uncontrollable fear of flying on a plane, which usually occurs a few days before the flight. If the fear of flying develops into an unwillingness to fly anywhere, it is already a phobia. The difference is that it isn’t difficult to get rid of pre-flight anxiety. But with aerophobia, you have to struggle.

The Illusion of Safety. What Exactly Are You Afraid of?

Surely you are already painfully familiar with the phrase: “The plane is the safest means of transportation”. We will not cite statistics and figures, which are already full on the Internet.

To stop being afraid, it’s not enough to believe in the “It’s safe!” attitude. Let’s dig a little deeper, break down all the “What if…” and understand why you shouldn’t be afraid and why your flight can be as fantastic as betting at the best betting company in Uganda.

What if You Get Put in an Old Plane and Something Breaks in It?

Airlines buy and maintain airplanes at great expense. The loss of one “flying bird” will cause a financial loss of billions of dollars. No one is going to put you in a knowingly defective airplane.

What if the Plane’s Engine Stops Working?

Engine failure has no effect on the flight because the plane always has a second engine. If it happens, the passengers won’t feel any change. Even if both engines fail (which is unlikely, because such situations have been few in the history of aviation), the airliner will just start to plan and land on any flat area.

What if the Plane Hits Turbulence?

Imagine driving your car down a bumpy road. That’s not likely to give you a panic attack, hmm? It’s similar to the feeling you get when an airplane enters a zone of turbulence. The pilot sees such areas on special locators beforehand, and if possible, he flies around them. In any case, you should not be afraid.

What if Lightning Strikes the Plane

The entire surface of the airliner is covered with a shell-like conductive gauze and lightning rods are placed on the wings of the plane. Sometimes lightning strikes several times during the flight, but none of the passengers notice it. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

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