How To Get Your e-Visa To Kenya In No Time

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e-Visa to Kenya

Every year, there are over one million tourists that come to Kenya. There are many reasons behind it. One of the reasons is because it’s a marvelous country with lots of natural resources and diversity in culture and landscape. It’s also very affordable for people who want to visit Africa but don’t have a lot of money to spend on traveling expenses. Another reason why so many people go to Kenya is because they want an adventure or exploration experience since it can be difficult to find these things in other countries around the world.

Kenya electronic visa is a great way to save time and money. If you’re planning on traveling to Kenya, then an e-visa may be the best option for you! It’s simple and affordable – what more could you ask for? Read on to find out how it works.

What is an e-Visa to Kenya?

Since 2005, the Kenyan government has been facilitating entry to the country to many foreign travelers. Those included on the list of Kenya e-Visa eligible countries can forget about spending long hours in Embassy lines. With e-Visa, a tourist life is simpler and requires no more than a working device and stable Internet connection. Apart from this simple requirements, an applicant must have an active email address and a valid means of online payment to cover the handling fee.

How to apply for your e-Visa?

Every eligible applicant can apply on the page To complete the online application, there are only 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Enter all the required data: You will be asked to provide your personal details as well as information concerning your planned trip to Kenya.
  2. Cover the handling fee: Pay the 99 EUR fee, which is the same no matter the type of e-Visa you will choose.
  3. Download your eVisa: Go to your inbox and check if your approved electronic visa was delivered. You do need to print it out and be prepared to show it at the airport when arriving in Kenyan land.

What type of e-Visa to choose to travel to Kenya?

Depending on your travel needs, you should apply for different type of an electronic visa to Kenya. There are 3 types of online visas that travelers can choose from, all of them function as single-entry permits issued for 3 months and allowing up to 90-day stays:

  • Tourist e-Visa: best option for tourists who want to explore Kenyan natural beauty, or visit family or friends
  • Business e-Visa: perfect fit for business trip makers traveling to Kenya to handle business-related affairs
  • Transit e-Visa: ideal solution for those wishing only to transit through Kenya before reaching the final destination; it remained valid only for 72 hours starting from the intended entry date

What are the benefits of getting an e-Visa

If you’re traveling to Kenya, an e-Visa is a great way to go. If you don’t have time for the traditional visa process, applying online can take just minutes and will save you hours in line at the Kenyan embassy! Plus, there are no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to your e-Visa information. The Kenyan government has made this application simple and easy so that everyone gets the chance to visit their country without hassle.

Bottom Lines

Kenya is a beautiful country with so much to offer. If you’ve ever thought of visiting, now may be the time! You can apply for an electronic visa online in minutes and enjoy trouble-free entry to Kenya.

We hope this article has helped answer any questions Kenyan Visa and how easy it can be obtained.

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Featured Photo: Tsavo East National Park Kenya by Photo by Damian Patkowski