How to Save Money when Planning a Trip to Tanzania

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Planning a Trip to Tanzania

Visiting Africa may seem like an expensive trip at first but it’s worth every single penny. Since Tanzania is home to magnificent tourist attractions and is a world-known safari destination, all these things can be costly. Whether you are hiking Kilimanjaro, sightseeing in Serengeti, or vacation in a resort, you are bound to spend a lot. But the right money-saving tips can help you with your budget. And here is how to save money when planning a trip to Tanzania. Keep on reading and find out how you can plan your Tanzanian trip without spending a fortune!

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5 Tips on How to Save Money when Planning a Trip to Tanzania

#1 Visit on Off-peak Season

Saving during the trip starts by avoiding the peak season. Peak seasons are undoubtedly costly and there is no room for a classic bargain. But during the off-peak, most of the attractions are at your disposal with only a few visitors to encounter. And it’s during this time that safari prices are lower. Also, some of the facilities are offering accommodations at a discount price.

However, you will have to sacrifice the great wildlife migration since it occurs during the peak season. That said, plan your visit between April and May which is low season. March is one of the off-peak season months.  And then from November – December is another off-peak season. But even planning your trip during off-peak season, you can scale down your budget further.

Avoid the famous parks like Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. Instead, visit the less popular game parks. They offer a similar wildlife sightseeing experience but at an affordable rate. And if you don’t want to skip the great Mt Kilimanjaro, then visit the edge of the park. Or even book accommodation in one of the lodges outside of the park for a spectacular view!

#2 Accommodation

There are all kinds of accommodation facilities in Tanzania, from resorts to five-star hotels and lodges. However, where you decide to take some relax at the end of the day depends on your budget. While the resorts and luxury hotels offer a layback lifestyle, you can save on budget by avoiding them. After all, the important thing is finding a secure, clean and comfortable place to relax for the night.

Some of these venues even rival the luxury brands’ accommodations. You will find everything from social halls, to restaurants, to pools and Wi-Fi services, among others. On that note, try camp accommodation. There are close to parks where it’s quiet and calm to relax. And very often, they are a fusion of safety, luxury, and affordability.

#3 Food and Shopping

Do you have a taste of exotic foods and items? ‘Cause, you can save a lot by feasting on local cuisines. Knowing Tanzania well, they have remarkable dishes with distinct flavors. And to a given extent, you may have several plates of food.

They are seasoned lightly to ensure you have a comfortable dining experience. If love fruit salads, they are fresh and abundant. However, if you want to try international cuisines, it’s also available in restaurants but it may be quite costly.

When shopping, avoid malls and supermarkets. They sell imported items that are more expensive. Try to buy at local markets which offer better products for lower price. You can find exclusive souvenirs there too.

#4 Transportation

This is another sector where we tend to waste money unnecessarily. To save money, you can travel by road or railway. Local flights are available to take you anywhere in the country but they are costly. However, if you travel by road or rail, there is more adventure and you can save a lot. For instance, you can spend less than $25 to move from city to city.

Also, it’s an opportunity to mingle with the locals and experience their way of life one-one. And if you are traveling within the city, board a “Dala Dala”, you will share a ride for a good price. Lastly, use an international route to Tanzania. Local routes are available but they charge more.

#5 Contact Local Agencies

There are both local and international safari agencies. While we tend to rely on international agencies, it only costs us extra money for no reason. They’ll charge you exorbitantly only to link you with a local operator. And this is because they don’t have local offices to provide you with the service you need.

Once you are in contact with a local travel agency, ensure you ask for a recommendation on budget safaris. They are versatile and do offer services according to their client’s wishes. Since they are local, they understand the culture of the region and they will advise you appropriately.

Bottom Lines

Trips to Tanzania, especially safaris are known to be luxurious and what follows, they are meant to be the expensive entertainment. However, people are getting more interested in getting the value for their money. As such, budget safaris or tours are more common in Tanzania to offer travelers an unforgettable experience for a good price. With your Tanzania e-Visa and the aforementioned 5 tips on how to save money when planning a trip to Tanzania, you can save a lot without wasting the real vibe of the country!

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