List of Major Mountains and Hills in Kenya

The Kenyan landscape is truly magical. From long coastline stretches and beautiful beaches to lush forests and vast open plains, there is a myriad of beautiful places to visit and explore. At the top of the list are the country’s hills and mountain ranges offering different activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hiking Trails in the Aberdares

For serious hikers and nature lovers, the Aberdares forest is a destination in itself. The forest has several mountain ranges and nature trails for day hikes. Some of the trails like Rurimeria and Elephant Hills are challenging but best for preparations for trekking higher altitudes. Mt. Satima – dragon’s teeth trail – is the most scenic.

Other trails in the Aberdares include 7Ponds, Table Mountain, Mt. Kinangop, and Mt. Satima, Wandare Gate.

Besides the mountain ranges, Aberdares is home to the most beautiful waterfalls in Kenya. So whether you are preparing for Mt. Kenya or out to experience the best works of Nature, Aberdares won’t disappoint.

List of Major Mountains and Hills in Kenya

Other than the Aberdares, there are other equally magical hills and mountains in Kenya. They are found in almost every corner of the country. From North to South and East to West.

So, here is a list of the best hills and mountains that Kenya has to offer. These are Ideal for a Day Hike, Camping expedition, or a 5-Day trek.

Mountains in Kenya

  • Mt. Kenya
  • Mt. Elgon
  • Mount Satima (Oldonyo Lesatima)
  • Mount Suswa
  • Table Mountain
  • Mt. Longonot
  • Mount Kasigau
  • Mt. Margaret
  • Kinangop Peak
  • Mt. Mtelo, West Pokot
  • Mt. Oloolokwe
  • Mount Kilimambogo (Ol Donyo Sabuk)

Hills in Kenya

  • Elephant Hills
  • Williams Hills
  • Kijabe Hills
  • Cherang’any Hills
  • Taita Hilla
  • Ngong Hills
  • Ol Donyo Sabuk
  • Chyulu Hills
  • Shimba Hills


This list is not exhaustive. There are many other hills and mountains dotted around Kenya. However, if you are looking for hiking and trekking ideas, try the spots mentioned.