Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.

Motorcycle road trips around Africa are always fun! A friend and I embarked on a journey to Tanzania via the Namanga border. Before the trip, we had everything in check and ready to go the previous day.

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.

Pre-Ride Checklist.


– A Thorough Service
– Enough Fuel
– Valid Motorcycle insurance
– Toolkit


– Valid driving license
– Logbook
– Valid insurance cover
– Travel passport
Yellow fever card


– Full Motorcycle Gear
– First Aid Kit
– Change clothes (T-shirt, Pair of Jeans, Socks, ..)
– Go-pro camera
– Wet wipes
– snacks
– Selfie Stick

Day 1: Nairobi – Namanga – Arusha

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.

Left Nairobi at around 0900 hrs. We were accompanied by a friend up to Athi-River then got back as we rode to Namanga.

The traffic was clear and the weather was good so the ride was non-stop. We arrived at the Namanga border around 1400 Hrs where we met our contact who assisted us in the cross-border documents for our motorcycles as we did our own clearance.

To cross to Tanzania with a motorcycle the following are required:

Kenyan travel passport
– Valid driving license
– Valid logbook bearing your name.
– Yellow fever card
– Motorcycle Insurance
– Personal medical cover (optional)

What you get

– Third-party insurance cover (valid for 1 month) for KSHS 3000/-
– Entry permit

After clearance, we resumed the ride to Arusha. After a journey of around 2 hrs, we checked in to Green Mountain hotel Arusha.
I can highly recommend this hotel for a budget traveler. Their costs are as low as Kshs 2000 for Bed and Breakfast,
Great rooms, good staff, and a clean swimming pool.

After resting we freshened up and rode for Dinner at Njiru Shopping complex (A few minutes from the hotel).
It is way easier to ride in the streets of Arusha compared to the ones in Nairobi. Motorists are saner.

Day 2: Arusha – Moshi – Taveta

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.We did the normal checks to make sure the motorcycles were in good condition then hit the streets of Arusha.

There we fueled and withdrew some money to use along the way. The distance from Arusha to Taveta is about 6hrs but we ended up using about 8hrs.

From Arusha, we rode to Moshi and visited the kids at Light In Africa children’s home in the Kilimanjaro area. This home has managed a lady called Mama Lynn. Her great work has inspired me to be a volunteer and a Community worker.

From Moshi, we made one more stop at Hewa (Dar – Moshi – Taveta Junction) before heading to the Taveta border.
We stayed there for about 30 min, then started the journey back to Arusha.

We parked our bikes and walked to a nearby restaurant to have dinner before resting.

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.


Day 3: Arusha- Namanga – Nairobi

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.The return journey started at 0900 Hrs from the hotel. Halfway through the journey to Namanga, my motorcycle started giving a low fuel indication. Since there is no gas station between the two towns, we ended up riding at 60 km/h for about an hour, and lucky enough we made it to Namanga.

There we met another two riders who had come to receive us. After clearance, the four of us headed to shell petrol station where we refilled the motorcycles and took some pictures together. The journey back to Nairobi was smooth and with no incidents. All of us had a stopover at Athi-River for Nyama Choma lunch before heading to our respective residences.

The trip was safe and fun.



1. Best Road: Arusha – Namanga

Clear, straight road with no vehicles and a couple of corners.

2. Budget hotel (Green Mountain Hotel – Arusha)

Green Mountain Hotel
As low as Kshs 2000/- per night BnB

3. Documents

Travel Passport
Yellow fever card
Valid Driving license
Motorcycle insurance
Personal Medical Insurance
Motorcycle logbook in your name

4. Places to visit

Arusha National Park
Light in Africa Children’s Home – Moshi
Njiru Shopping Complex
Get a close view of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro
Arusha clock tower
Safari makers

5. Motorcycle

Ensure the motorcycle is in good condition
Obey traffic rules
Have Enough fuel
Be safe and have fun

Motorcycle Ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania.




I fell so awesome to go through ua journey by reading and seeing pictures how l admire l was in the mix. What l didn’t know is that the vehicle/bike must be in your name!!! God willing will want to drive to Dar I have asked it’s about 13_15hrs via bus


Yes, The journey from Nairobi to Dar is about 15Hrs by Bus (Dar Express, Tahmeed, and Dar Lux use that route).


Informative article! I’ve enjoyed reading and very nice of you to point out the check lists.
I was wondering though why didn’t you go all the way to dar( my dream destination :-))
Also how much did you spend on the fuel.
Is it wise to travel at night?
I intend to buy apache 180cc and i dream to travel with bike to dar es salaam. Can it be possible?


Hi Francis,

Thank you for your kind comments. I was riding with my friend and our desired destination was Taveta boarder point.

It is very possible to ride to Dar. The road is very nice and not so many vehicles.

I can’t remember exactly how I used on fuel but it shouldn’t be much.

Night travel is possible but I won’t recommend it. Start early, arrive early.

All the best and safe ride.



Excellent piece… Captured everything to enable one to set on their own journey to Arusha.
Cheers to many more rides in the future.


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