Nairobi to Victoria Falls Road Trip Guide Summary

Are you planning a Rail and Road trip from Nairobi to Victoria Falls? If yes, below is a summary guide of the things you need to know and have.

Nairobi Victoria Falls Using Trains and Buses Guide Summary

Please note: This summary is based on a trip I did in 2017. The prices of transport, accommodation, and other things may have changed in the intervening years.

Do some research on Visa requirements and security issues before heading out.

Travel requirements and tips

  • Valid Travel Passport
  • Valid Visas (Not Required for Kenyan passport holders)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Yellow fever Vaccine Card
  • Money
  • Proof of accommodation

Border Points

  • Namanga border (Kenya-Tanzania) is the first entry point.
  • Tunduma/Nakonde (Tanzania – Zambia) is the second one.
  • Livingstone/Vic falls town (Zambia – Zimbabwe) is the third one.

Transport (Recommendations)