SWVL Kenya – Buses, Routes, Fare Prices and Charter Services.

SWVL Kenya

For a long time, the public transport system within Nairobi and to destinations outside the city has been horrible. But in recent years, a number of companies have stepped up to solve this problem. This hasn’t been easy given the challenges they continue to face especially from established players in the industry. A number of these companies closed shop but a few have sailed through with a promise to offer comfort, reliability, safety, and value for money.

As a frequent traveler, I am always on the lookout for reliable means of transport to and from Nairobi. And in my search, I came across SWVL Kenya. Going by their customer’s reviews on Facebook and Google Play store, I decided to try them out for a ride to Nyeri. They didn’t disappoint!

If you are looking for a reliable bus or car ride from Nairobi to upcountry towns with SWVL, here’s what you need to know about them.

What Is SWVL Kenya?

Started in Egypt and currently operating in Kenya and Pakistan, SWVL is a ridesharing company for buses, vans, cars, and charter services.

It is “A tech-driven, affordable, and convenient transportation service, committed to enabling cities, people and businesses to move everywhere.”

In Kenya, Swvl offers daily rides on over 100 routes all over Nairobi, and it’s also expanding its rides to destinations outside the capital city.

Swvl Kenya Routes in Kenya

Besides daily rides within Nairobi City (Swvl Daily), the company offers charter services (Swvl Business) and Travel services to places outside Nairobi (Swvl Travel).

Swvl Travel Routes & Fares

With this option, travelers can “Travel and Commute Between Cities With Ease.” They can choose from either the Premium (7 Seater Vans) or Economy (Shuttles) services. Below are routes and fares for buses and vans from Nairobi to upcountry towns.

Swvl Business Options

On top of daily city commutes and out-of-city rides, the company offers Charter Services to destinations of choice in Kenya. These services include school rides, business rides, and group rides. You can request a customized shuttle or van for adventure trips, special events, and gatherings.

Swvl Daily Routes & Fares

If you are a daily commuter in Nairobi (to your home, workplace, or anywhere in between), swvl buses offer the best means of transport. Their buses and cars operate on schedule in over 100 routes within the city. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates on routes and fares.

How to book a ride on Swvl Kenya

01. Download App on App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).

02. Choose your ride, time, and date.

03. Book your ride.

04. And get picked up at your closest station.

Why Swvl Kenya?

– Occasional Free Rides to different destinations.

– Multiple pick-up points all over Nairobi – No need to travel to town.

– Live Tracking of buses and cars.

– Affordable Prices.

– Professional Captains.

– Free Wi-Fi.

Contact Details

You can reach out to the Swvl team through the following channels.

Want to Enjoy a hassle-free Commuting and Travel experience with SWVL at affordable prices? Download App today.