Things to Do and See in Garissa County

Garissa County (007) is one of the 47 counties in the Republic of Kenya. It is also a member of the former North Eastern province. Other counties in the region include Wajir (008) and Mandera (009). Garissa town is the largest town in the region and the headquarters of the County. It is situated along road A3 from Thika to Liboi.

Sub-counties in Garissa County

The county is made up of seven sub-counties that comprise 30 wards. These sub-counties include the following.

  1. Garissa township
  2. Balambala
  3. Dadaab
  4. Fafi
  5. Hulugho
  6. Ijara
  7. Lagdera

Things to Do and See in Garissa County

Unlike pastoralism and beekeeping, tourism is not a major activity in Garissa County. However, there are several things to do especially if you are adventurous and curious about less explored destinations in Kenya. Below is a list of the best places to visit and things to see in Garissa County.

  1. Go on a wildlife safari trip in the Arawale National Reserve.
  2. Visit the community-based Garissa Community Giraffe Sanctuary.
  3. Explore the Boni National Reserve.
  4. Wander along the streets of Garissa town.
  5. Take a road trip from Nairobi through Thika and Mwingi.
  6. Visit the Rahole National Reserve.
  7. Explore the culture of the region at Garissa Culture and Heritage Center.
  8. Visit the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy.

Hotels and Resorts in Garissa County

Although there are not many places to visit and explore, travelers can relax in the classy hotels and resorts in Garissa town. Some of the best accommodation facilities in the county include the following.

  1. Nomad Palace Hotel
  2. Lantern Resort
  3. Halugo Palace Hotel
  4. Tana Garden Hotel
  5. Almond Resort


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