Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya

Exploring the beaches in Kenya.

Kenya is a country located on the East side of Africa. It is famous for its game parks, technological advances, and wildlife safaris. What many people don’t know is that Kenya also boasts a coastline along the Indian Ocean. As a result, the country is home to several incredible beaches stretching from Lamu to Shimoni.

Along the coast, you’ll find beautiful beaches like Jacaranda in Watamu close to Kilifi, or you could relax on the white sands of Diani Beach in Ukunda. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to chill, kitesurf, or watch the sunset, you are assured to find it all at one of the best beaches in Kenya.

List of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Kenya

  1. Diani Beach
  2. Tiwi Beach
  3. Chale Island Beach
  4. Nyali Beach
  5. Bamburi Beach
  6. Shanzu Beach
  7. Kilifi Beach
  8. Watamu Beach
  9. Malindi Beach
  10. Shela Beach
  11. Pirates Beach
Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya

Manda Bay

#1 Diani Beach

Diani Beach is the most popular beach in Kenya and is famous the world over. It attracts many vacationers each year and provides an unmatched experience. Located in Ukunda (South Coast), the beach has plenty of amenities and recreational facilities.

Whether you want to scuba dive, kite surf, swim, or snorkel, you can do it at Diani Beach. You can also expect to have fun and enjoyment while relaxing at one of the beachfront resorts.

Safaris to marine parks and national reserves can be arranged from resorts in Diani.

#2 Tiwi Beach

Also located on the South Coast is Tiwi Beach. You can get there by road from Mombasa or fly in at Diani Airport (Ukunda). Tiwi is a relatively small and secluded beach, but it also boasts plenty of recreational activities. Besides bathing in the white sands and visiting the Africa pool, travelers can go snorkeling at the Tiwi reef.

#3 Chale Island Beach

For nature lovers, welcome to Chale Island! The place is a paradise on earth as nature’s best is found on this private island. Chale Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and mangrove vegetation. While here, visitors stay at The Sands at Chale Island Hotel. The only access to the island is by boat from the mainland. And who hates boat rides?

#4 Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach is located a few minutes from Mombasa City center. Due to its proximity to the city, it is an excellent destination for a day trip. Nyali Beach is less crowded, making it one of the best places in Kenya to try water sports.

There are several hotels nearby, like Nyali Beach Resort, Reef Hotel, Voyager Hotel, and Mombasa Beach Hotel. The beach also has numerous entertainment joints and activities for travelers, such as kite surfing, beach volleyball, scuba diving, windsurfing, and a lot more. Tourists can shop and eat at the Nyali Mall, which has everything from coffee shops to different restaurants.

Other places to visit near Nyali include Makupa Railway Club, Haller Park, and Kongowea Market.

#5 Bamburi Beach

Located along Kenya’s North Coast is Bamburi Beach. This wonderful beach is great for those who want to experience the ocean and sunset. Right off the coast near Bamburi beach, there is a coral reef. It makes the spot a great place for snorkeling or scuba diving.

There are plenty of places to stay along the coastline – retreats, hotels, and more. Also, the nearby Bamburi town is the Apex of coastal nightlife. Here you will party and enjoy life to the point of almost forgetting the beach!

#6 Shanzu Beach

Shanzu Beach is one of the most popular among the list of beautiful beaches in Kenya. It is located north of Mombasa city off the Malindi Highway. In contrast to other beaches on the list, Shanzu is secluded and many of its visitors are tourists staying at nearby resorts. However, at low tide, the beach is great for long walks and you can walk to Bamburi Beach.

The beach has a mix of luxury hotels, resorts, and affordable Airbnb, making it a good spot for every traveler.

#7 Kilifi Beach

Kilifi town embodies the laid-back charm that makes it a hotspot for relaxation and enjoyment. It has fantastic resorts, hostels, and beaches that add to the fun of water sports and delicious food. Some of the best beaches include Kilifi Beach and Bofa. Another cool attraction in Kilifi is the magical spectacle of blue light – bioluminescence. The ocean glows at night and swimming at the beach for this experience is a must!

#8 Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach gives the best spot for snorkeling and its surfing experience is amazing! Over the years, it has been voted the best beach in Africa attracting hundreds of travelers who love water sporting activities.

Whales, Dolphins, and migratory humpback whales also swim off the coast of Watamu. This gives travelers more reason to visit the beach town.

#9 Malindi Beach

Malindi town is a popular destination in Kenya for several reasons. It is where explorer Vasco da Gama landed in Africa; home to Malindi Marine Park; hosts historical sites and museums; and it’s a famous holiday location for families and solo travelers.

While in Malindi, you might try water sports and activities such as snorkeling, sailing, and surfing. The local bars and restaurants have a diverse crowd, and you’ll be able to find delicious Swahili food and lively nightclubs.

#10 Shela Beach, Lamu

There is no mention of Lamu Tamu without including Shela Village. But why is this?

While the old town boasts narrow alleyways and ancient architecture, it lacks one thing – a nice beach!

On the other hand, Shela Village, located a short distance north of Lamu, has one of the best beaches in Kenya – Shela.

Shela is an uncrowded, long beach with shells and white sands.

#11 Pirates Beach

Often left out in most lists, Pirates is the most famous beach in the country – probably. Travellers and locals flock in hundreds over the weekends to have fun, like ocean swimming. The beach is crowded during the festive season when locals from the upcountry visit to experience coastal life.


There are many other beaches in Kenya. These are spread along the coastline, stretching from north to south. Besides the ones on the list above, Gazi Beach, Kikambala Beach, and Manda Toto are also worth mentioning.

Featured Photo: Diani Beach by Kayak