Top 10 Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best tours and travel companies in Kenya. They offer everything from safari adventures to walking tours around Nairobi.

Kenya tops the bucket list for many tourists and travelers. It is a country with many things to do for backpackers and tourists. Watching wildebeest migration at Maasai Mara, Safari at the Amboseli National Park, relaxing at Diani beach, Climbing Mt. Kenya – every step you take in Kenya is magical.

Backpacking Kenya is affordable, and most places are easily accessible. But while I always vouch for independent travel, joining a tour company can help you experience hidden gems. It also saves you money from transportation and entry fees.

This list is based on the nature of experiences and reviews by travelers.

#1 Green Ranger Safaris

Road trips and Safaris

Green Ranger Safaris is a sustainable tourism company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Besides offering safaris and team-building services, they are at the forefront of conservation efforts. The company is popular for local expeditions and beyond-border safaris. The best of these African adventures is an overland trip from Nairobi to Victoria Falls. Green Ranger Safaris is committed to responsible tourism and contributes to important initiatives like the Ivory Belongs to the Elephant Walk.

#2 Hikemaniak: Trek Beyond

Day Hikes and Mountain Climbing

Hike what? Yes, Hikemaniak.

This company is one of the best communities of hikers and trekkers in Kenya. Their passion is written everywhere you go. From Elephant hills to Ragia forest, Ruwenzori to Everest Base Camp there is a Go Beyond flag following the wind. If you want to go hiking in Kenya’s most amazing places, go with Hikemaniak. They offer eco-friendly trekking tours in Kenya and beyond.

#3 Let’s Drift

Experiences and Hidden Gems

True to its slogan, Stay Curious, this company is unique. It is a community of curious, adventurous, and creatives in Kenya. Their approach makes them a darling to travelers looking for adventure off the beaten paths. If you want to chase waterfalls in Kenya, explore new trails or go on a Hikeathon, try the Drifters.

#4 Outdoorer Kenya

Hiking and Trekking Excursions

Do you want to begin your hiking journey but are not sure where to start? No problem! Outdoorer Kenya will help you Unlock your Mountain.
After several hikes with this company, I believe it’s the best for beginners.

Like everything else, to ascend to great peaks, we’ve to start with moderate hikes. Outdoorer Kenya’s hiking academy takes you through different trails in Kenya. While the ultimate goal is to climb higher mountains like Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, each hike is experiential. Besides hiking excursions, they advise you on the right outdoor gear and where to buy them.

#5 TK Adventures

Budget Expeditions Across Kenya

Besides wildlife safaris and sandy beaches, Kenya has deserts, lakes, museums, and mountains worth exploring. TK Adventures is one of the best tour companies in Kenya for unique experiences. If you have Chalbi Desert, Lake Turkana, Mt Ololokwe, or Ngare Ndare Forest on your bucket list, reach out to them. They have affordable road trips, adventures, treks, and tours to many destinations in the country.

#6 Trek Beyond Adventures

Custom Tours and Travel

Visit their Facebook page, and you’ll see beautiful photos of Elephants, Beaches, and Campsites. Trek Beyond Adventures started as a hiking group but has added custom safaris to its services. Their tours are incredible at pocket-friendly rates. Some of the best trips in their portfolio include Watamu, Diani, Amboseli National Park, and Maasai Mara.

#7 Muthaiga Travel Tours and Travel

Holiday Packages and Corporate Travel

Not every traveler dreams of the wild. Some want to relax at the beach or watch the African Sunset. Still, there are others who prefer boat rides or exploring culture and heritage. If that’s you, Muthaiga Travel deals await you. The agency offers holiday tours to the Kenyan Coast and beyond. They also process Visas and book flights and accommodation on behalf of their clients. Their expertise in business travel programs is unmatched.

#8 Kilian Tours and Travel

Safaris, Getaways, and Transfers

Kilian Tours and Travel is a leading all-around travel agency in Nairobi, Kenya. The company offers a variety of services from air ticketing to accommodations booking, holiday packages, Safaris, Corporate Travel, and many more. Their services not only build trust with clients but also allow them to have stress-free vacations. They have something for every traveler, and their consultants are available throughout the journey. If you are looking for an organized tour to top Kenya destinations like Chalbi Desert, Diani, or Lamu, Kilian is your best link.

#9 Expeditions Maasai Safaris

From Safaris to Team building

Expeditions Maasai Safaris is one of the leading tour and travel companies in Kenya. They offer wildlife safaris, group travel packages, car hire, and team-building services. The company also has trips to international destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Israel, and Thailand.

#10 Bountiful Safaris & Tours

Beach Holidays, Vacations, and Getaways

Bountiful Safaris & Tours is known for both local and global tours to exotic destinations. They focus on exciting holiday packages, honeymoons, getaways, and safaris. With a huge range of tour styles, they cater to almost every type of traveler – even those with specific interests. If want deals on family holidays, beach vacations, or luxury adventures, talk to Bountiful Safaris.

Other Worthy Mentions

  • Incredible Kenya Adventures
  • TK Extreme Adventures
  • TrippyGO Tours & Travel
  • AJ Kenya Safaris
  • Kikwetu Cultural Adventures
  • Go Africa Safaris
  • Go Kenya Tours & Safaris
  • Muthaiga Travel
  • Mufasa Tours and Travels
  • Pollman’s Tours & Safaris
  • Bigfoot Adventures

Kenya is a beautiful country with many places to visit and things to do. Whether you choose to travel solo or join an organized tour, you are most likely guaranteed a memorable experience.

Featured Photo: Maasai Mara National Reserve by David Clode on Unsplash

Which is your favorite Tours and Travel Company in Kenya. Share in the comment section below.


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