Traveling to the UK on a Budget

Welcome to another helpful article about Traveling to the UK on a Budget aimed at Kenyans eager to spread their wings. We already know Kenya is a beautiful nation rich in history and culture, but that doesn’t stop millions from traveling the world yearly. They search for new adventures, experiences, and exciting stories to share with friends and family back home.

There are many destinations, including the United States, Australia and Spain. But there’s one country that draws a steady stream of visitors from Kenya: the United Kingdom.

Traveling in the UK on a Budget

Travel and tourism is big business in the United Kingdom, reportedly worth over £250 billion. That’s about 10% of the country’s GDP, and the industry creates almost four million careers. Over 40 million people visit the UK annually, with London as the main attraction. Many visitors visit the UK capital on a shopping trip, often traveling thousands of miles to get the best deals in the sales and enjoy the excitement of shopping on the famous London high streets, enjoying the best shops and fashions.

UK on a budget

Sports in the UK

An increasing number of people jet into the UK to sample live sports. The English Premier League is the most-watched club soccer competition, overshadowing the MLS, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A. Tourists and fans come to soak up the atmosphere at Old Trafford or Anfield, entertained by famous names like Mo Salah and Erling Haaland. You may have noticed the names from watching games on TV or making predictions at London sportsbooks or legal betting apps Florida offers.

The UK is the heart of professional soccer, but it’s only the birthplace of legalized online gambling. Sports fans travel over land, sea, and air to make predictions on the Premier League, watch the games from the stadium, cheer on their picks, and bank the winnings. Professional sport in Great Britain is fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting. It’s enjoyable to watch, but you can ramp up your interest with a wager on the result. A financial interest in the outcome makes even the dullest fixture enjoyable to those in attendance and watching at home.

What to expect

Whether you’re traveling to the United Kingdom to watch a Manchester City game at the Etihad Stadium or a golf event in Scotland from Gleneagles, the sport’s spiritual home, planning is crucial. The more time and effort spent planning, the more enjoyable your trip. You can schedule everything from home, booking well in advance to avoid disappointment and keep the costs down.

Book your tickets from an official source as early as possible if you plan to visit a sporting event during your UK visit. Please refrain from leaving it late or buying from an unofficial source, especially outside the stadium. Illegal ticket touts operate around all major venues in England, including Premier League stadiums. Most tickets sold by touts are fake, meaning you could pay for entry but miss the game. Your ticket will show as a fake when scanned at the turnstile.

If caught purchasing tickets through an unofficial source, the vendor and the buyer can be charged by police and face a hefty fine or even time in the cells. There are better ways to see the UK than British jails. Buying tickets online could save you time, money, and a criminal conviction. But there are more innovative ways to save cash during your UK visit, and we share with you some tried and tested methods of enjoying a British vacation on a budget.

Cheap Accommodation

We’ve all seen the glitzy hotels in London and around the United Kingdom in significant cities, including Manchester and Liverpool. But there are other options available. If you have the cash to spend, we certainly wouldn’t talk anyone out of sampling the highlife at a hotel in Mayfair. It’s worth a visit to check how the other half live in the UK capital. Staying in luxury hotels for two weeks will instantly evaporate your holiday fund.

1. Hotels

The United Kingdom, being a tourist hotspot, has countless affordable hotels, or you can stay in one of the many pleasant bed and breakfasts in seaside resorts like Bournemouth and Blackpool. They offer a lovely room with an excellent breakfast that’s good enough to fuel your morning adventure. You can purchase dinner at the same B&B or visit a restaurant in the evening. The UK has some stunning eateries.

2. Hostels

Those traveling on a budget may want to rely on hostels, and there are many to choose from. These are cheap, cheerful, safe, and secure, allowing you to book short-term, including an overnight stay, before moving to the next city or town.

3. Camping

The final option is a camping trip. If you bring a tent and sleeping bag, you can tour the UK on next to nothing. Campsites are often £10 per evening, offering short stays. The UK enjoys glorious sunshine and extended dry periods between Easter and Halloween, making camping worth considering, even with the family.

Affordable travel

How do you get around England and the rest of the United Kingdom? You could hire a car or people carrier for larger parties and take turns driving. A UK road trip is an exciting way to see the islands, allowing you to move at your speed, not dictated to by timetables.

Driving abroad isn’t for everyone. Some prefer to take a coach trip or rely on public transport, like trains and taxis. Many reliable coaches are taking you across the country on a budget. Trains service all major cities and sporting venues. It’s possible to make long journeys, such as from London to Glasgow, by coach and then use trains and taxis to shuttle around the city.

Final Thoughts

We advise journeying around the UK, seeing as much of the country as possible. Enjoy a shopping trip in central London or get away from it all and absorb the tranquility of the Scottish highlands. Watch Wales play rugby at the Cardiff City Stadium and witness the history of Northern Ireland. There’s so much to see in the UK, all within traveling distance.

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