Turkey: International Traveling Tips During Covid-19

Galata, Turkey

Despite the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic, the appeal on Turkey is not lost. This is especially to travelers aiming to experience a charming and aesthetic cultural heritage.

If you are considering visiting Turkey for sightseeing, visiting family, or for work, and are confused about the current situation because of the pandemic, then this article is for you.

Is Turkey Open and Safe to Travel in Times of Covid-19?

Yes, Turkey has opened its air borders. It has resumed International flights and tourism after a normalization process that began in July 2021, with solid precautions in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

And yes, it is safe to visit Turkey, as Turkey is one of the first countries to receive the (WTTC) World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels Certification. The United Nations World Tourism Organization also supports the WTTC Safe Travels stamp.

However, like many other countries, Turkey has implemented some travel restrictions and safety measures in the interest of the general public safety during Covid-19. So, are you ready to travel and enter Turkey? 

To make it easy for you, we have listed some valuable tips that can help you travel safely to Turkey during Covid-19.

Seven Tips on How to Travel to Turkey Safely During Covid-19

 #1 Use an eVisa system to avoid unnecessary human contact

Nowadays, travelers need to be more careful and cautious than ever before. If there’s any aspect or area of arranging your trip where you can avoid unnecessary human contact, it’s best to use it.

eVisas post the best opportunity to do so! Applying for an electronic visa eliminates the need to visit an Embassy. The whole process takes place online and can be easily completed using any working device with an internet connection.

Turkey is one of the countries that use an eVisa system, offering two types of electronic visas for eligible international travelers. Don’t forget to apply for Turkey eVisa at least 3 business days ahead of the planned departure date.

#2 Don’t forget about filling the Turkey Entrance Form

One of the new requirements and Covid-19 precautions have been health forms, now used by dozens of countries.

Turkey has also implemented such solution to help keep track of foreign visitors entering the country. Moreover, it assures the Turkish government that no positive Covid-19 cases will be brought to the country.

The form must be filled within 72 hours prior to the planned departure date and only within that time period! If you have filled your application in a different time frame, you may not be allowed to enter Turkey.

#3 Be aware of the current entry restrictions imposed by the government

Turkey has applied, reviewed, and revised its Covid restrictions throughout the pandemic several times. Before planning to board a flight to Turkey, learn Turkey’s latest travel advisories and immigration regulations.

Keep in mind that depending on the situation, the restrictions can change on a daily basis.

#4 Practice social distancing & good hygiene at all times during traveling

Follow all the SOPs religiously. Wash your hands numerous times. If you do not have access to water or soap, try using a sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol.

When coughing, cover your mouth and nose, sneeze into your elbow, and wear a facemask to protect yourself and your fellow passengers.

#5 Update and carry your medical and travel insurance with you

Private hospitals in major cities of Turkey have excellent medical facilities, but COVID-19 may strain public health care services. The services in small cities are few. You may require medical evaluation if you are critically ill or injured.

For this purpose, you might need insurance. Therefore, before starting your trip, make sure to update and pack your medical/travel insurance with you.

#6 Make use of your travel consultant

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Having a professional travel adviser and a dedicated travel guide with a genuine 24/7 emergency hotline is necessary in situations like these.

Suppose the authorities quarantine you or deny you entrance in Turkey. In that case, your travel adviser can assist you with lodging, flight modifications, cancellations, and alternate routes to help you get through stressful situations.

#7 Be fully vaccinated before traveling

The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suggests putting travels on hold until fully vaccinated. Everyone is less likely to contract COVID and spread it if they are completely vaccinated.

If the vaccine takes two doses, wait two weeks before traveling after receiving the second dose. Any vaccination takes time for your body to develop protection.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best-laid plans need to be set aside to prevent risks. Therefore, staying at home is advisable during the pandemic.

However, if it’s still necessary for you to travel to Turkey, we advise you to follow all the tips mentioned above to ensure a safe and stress-free journey!

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