Best Museums and Monuments in Kenya

The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) manages Historical Sites, Museums, and Monuments in Kenya. It is also the custodian of a collection of Kenya’s important cultural and natural heritage. Some of the best Museums and Monuments under NMK include the following;

#1 List of Museums in Kenya

  1. Nairobi National Museum
  2. Karen Blixen Museum
  3. Hyrax Hill Museum
  4. Nyeri Museum
  5. Tambach Museum
  6. Kapenguria Museum
  7. Rabai Museum
  8. Malindi Museum
  9. Desert Museum
  10. Koobi Fora
  11. Wajir Museum

Best Museums in Kenya (Nairobi National Museum)

Nairobi National Museum was founded by colonial settlers and naturalists. The museum was established in 1910 at the present Nyayo House, then moved in 1922 to where Serena Hotel now stands. In 1929, the Colonial Government allocated land at Museum Hill (formerly known as Ainsworth Hill). The original museum building was then constructed and opened in 1930 as Coryndon Museum – in honor of the then Governor. After Kenya gained independence, the museum was renamed to National Museum of Kenya. NMK underwent extensive rehabilitation to expand and modernize it, therefore closing for 2 years (between 2005 – 2008). It was then renamed as Nairobi National Museum.

#2 Monuments and Archeological Sites in Kenya

  1. Uhuru Gardens National Monument
  2. August 7th Memorial Park
  3. Nairobi Gallery
  4. Oloolua Nature Trail
  5. Fort Jesus, Mombasa
  6. Ruins of Gede
  7. Jumba la Mtwana
  8. Mnarani Ruins
  9. Dedan Kimathi Monument
  10. Tom Mboya Monument
  11. Askari Monument
  12. Kariandusi archeological site
  13. Thimlich Ohinga
  14. Olorgesailie pre-historic site

Best National Monument in Nairobi (Nairobi Gallery)

Nairobi Gallery (formally known as Old PC’s Office) was built in 1913. This was the Ministry of Native Affairs and Colonial Government building. It was popularly known as “Hatches, Matches, and Dispatches” as this is where births, marriages, and deaths were recorded. It was later used as an office for the Kenya African National Union (KANU) a political party and is currently owned by the National Museums of Kenya and houses temporary exhibitions.

#3 List of Old Buildings in Nairobi

  • Kipande House – built in 1913.
  • Mc Millan Library – built in 1928.
  • National Archives – built in 1931.
  • Norfolk Hotel – built in 1904.
  • Standard Chartered Building – built 1929-1959.
  • Westminster House – built in 1928 for Noorali Dhanji.
  • Stanbic Bank House – built in 1928.
  • 1918 Building – Located along Ronald Ngala Street.
  • Bank of India – located along Kenyatta Avenue.
  • Bohra Mosque – built in 1930.
  • Cameo Cinema – built in 1912.
  • Chiromo Mansion – built in 1905.
  • City Hall – built in 1934.
  • City Market – built in 1930.
  • Free Masons – built in 1935.
  • Goan Gymkhana: along Ngara road – opened in 1943.
  • Grindley’s Bank: located along Kimathi street – built in 1923.
  • High Court – built in 1934.
  • Jamia Mosque – built between 1925-1933.
  • Jewish Synagogue – built in 1913.
  • Kenya Railways Headquarters – built in 1930.
  • Khoja Mosque – built in 1920.

Famous Buildings in Nairobi (Kipande House)

Kipande House, built in 1913 was originally built as a railway warehouse. The line used to run along the present-day Uhuru Highway. It was later occupied by the colonial government and was the registration center for Africans who working in colonial Nairobi. The term kipande refers to an identification document and employment history – compulsory for African males. The Colonial Government enforced registration in 1919 to control the mobility of Africans who had to wear it around their necks.

#4 Old Streets of Nairobi and their Names

  • Kenyatta avenue: Formerly known as Sixty Avenue and Lord Delamare Avenue.
  • Kimathi Street: Formerly known as Harding Street.
  • Muindi Mbingu Street: Formerly known as Steward Street.
  • Wabera Street: Named after Daudi Dabaaso Wabera who was the first African DC of Isiolo District.
  • Koinange Street: Named after paramount chief Mbiyu wa Koinange.
  • Biashara Street: Formerly Bazaar Street.
  • Tom Mboya Street: Formerly known as Victoria Street.
  • Moi Avenue: Formerly First Station road and later Government road.
  • Murang’a Road: Formerly known as Fort hall Street or Swamp road.
  • Ronald Ngala Street: Formerly known as Duke street.
  • TUBMAN ROAD: Named after the 19th President of Liberia, William Tubman
  • University Way: Formerly known as Kingsway or 10th Avenue.
  • GROGAN ROAD: Named after Col. Ewart Grogan.
  • Haille Sellasie Avenue: Formerly known as White House road.
  • Harambee Avenue: Formerly known as Coronation road.
  • Mfangano Street: Formerly known as Jivanjee Avenue.
  • LUTHULI AVENUE: Named after Chief Albert Luthuli.

Which are your best Museums and Monuments in Kenya?

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