Buses from Nairobi to Moyale via Isiolo and Marsabit

The easiest way of traveling from Nairobi to Moyale town (border between Kenya and Ethiopia) by public means is by using long-distance buses. There are several companies operating passenger buses from Nairobi to Moyale. These buses use the great north road (A2) and pass through Nanyuki, Isiolo, and Marsabit towns.

Nairobi to Moyale Bus Fare

The bus fare from Nairobi to Moyale ranges between Kshs 1500 and Kshs 3000. These buses are found in Eastleigh and leave Nairobi in the morning and at night. They pass along the A2 road and arrive in Moyale early in the morning.

Buses from Nairobi to Moyale

The following list lists the best buses from Nairobi City to Moyale town. Passengers can board them in Eastleigh and alight along the way in cities like Nanyuki, Isiolo, and Marsabit.

Isiolo Raha Executive Bus

This is a long-distance bus company operating on the standard routes of Nairobi, Thika, Karatina, Nanyuki, and Isiolo town. Besides offering luxury buses from Nairobi to Isiolo, they also have travel connections to Marsabit.

Isiolo Raha Bus Contacts

Isiolo Raha Executive Bus

Liban Express Bus

Founded in 2011, Liban Express Bus company offers daily passenger service buses from Nairobi to Marsabit. They also travel to Garissa and other towns in Kenya. Their staff is helpful and very professional.

Liban Express Routes
  1. Nairobi to Isolo via Nanyuki
  2. Isiolo to Nairobi via Nanyuki
  3. Nairobi to Marsabit
  4. Marsabit to Nairobi
  5. Nairobi to Moyale
Liban Bus Booking Contacts

Liban Express Bus Company

Moyale Liner Bus Company

Moyale Liner Bus Company offers public transport and parcel delivery services between Nairobi City and Moyale town. It has some of the best passenger buses along the great north road route. The company has an easy-to-use online booking system for its customers. Their buses have onboard amenities such as free WI-FI and power outlets.

Bus Routes: Nairobi to Nanyuki, Archer’s Post, Bubusa, Isiolo, Laisames, Merile, Marsabit, Turbi, and Sololo.

Moyale Liner Bus Contacts
  • Website: http://www.moyaleliner.co.ke
  • Email: info@moyaleliner.co.ke
  • Nairobi Contacts: 0721 438 454
  • Moyale Contacts: 0700 897 999
  • Marsabit Contacts: 0702 665 860

Moyale Liner Bus

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