New Prices for the Madaraka Express Trains by Kenya Railways

In this article, we’ll delve into the latest adjustments to the fare and new prices for the Madaraka Express trains by Kenya Railways. This development is set to impact not only the journeys of countless travellers but also the nation’s transportation landscape.

  • First Class Prices: Increased from Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 4.500
  • Economy Class Tickets: Increased from Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 1.500

Kenya’s famed Madaraka Express trains, known for seamlessly connecting the country’s major cities, are in the spotlight once again. A significant change in ticket prices now accompanies the rhythmic hum of the tracks and the breathtaking landscapes speeding by.


SGR Madaraka Express Trains in Kenya:

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Madaraka Express trains in Kenya have become synonymous with modern, efficient, and hassle-free travel experiences.
Operating between Nairobi and Mombasa, this service has significantly reduced travel time between the two major cities, providing passengers with reliable and comfortable transportation.

With sleek and well-maintained coaches, punctual departures, and scenic views, the SGR Madaraka Express has swiftly gained favor among both locals and tourists as a preferred mode of travel.

Kenya Railways Notice on New Prices for Madaraka Express

On October 31, 2023, Kenya Railways issued a notice outlining the revised pricing structure for several of its services:

  1. Madaraka Express Passenger Service
  2. Madaraka Express Commuter Service
  3. Nairobi Commuter Rail Service
  4. Kisumu Safari Train
  5. Nanyuki Safari Train

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This adjustment in pricing was prompted by recent developments in the energy and petroleum sector, where a substantial increase in fuel prices had a direct impact on the operational costs of these services.

These new fares are scheduled to take effect from January 1, 2024. Notably, customers planning to make advance purchases for the Madaraka Express Passenger Service will encounter adjusted fares starting November 1, 2023, aligning with the 60-day advance ticket purchasing window.


New Prices for Madaraka Express

Below is a comprehensive chart displaying the updated fare structure for SGR trains and the Madaraka Express passenger service. The train operates between Nairobi and Mombasa. For precise pricing details for other intermediate stations like Athi River, Emali, Voi, Miaseny, Mariakani, Kibwezi, and Mtito Andei, please refer to the attached photo.

Nairobi to Mombasa Train Prices
Trains First Class Economy Class
N2 (Morning) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500
E2 (Afternoon) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500
E4 (Night) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500


Mombasa to Nairobi Train Prices
Trains First Class Economy Class
N1 (Morning) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500
E1 (Afternoon) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500
E3 (Night) Ksh 4,500 Ksh 1,500

Madaraka Express Train Schedule

Below is the latest schedule for SGR Madaraka Express Trains between Nairobi and Mombasa

Nairobi to Mombasa Train Schedule
Trains Duration Depart Arrival
N2 (Morning) 6 Hrs 00 Min 8:00 AM 2:00 PM
E2 (Afternoon) 5 Hrs 30 Min 3:00 PM 8:30 PM
E4 (Night) 5 Hrs 35 Min 10:00 PM 3:35 AM
Mombasa to Nairobi Train Schedule
Trains Duration Depart Arrival
N1 (Morning) 6 Hrs 10 Min 8:00 AM 2:10 PM
E1 (Afternoon) 5 Hrs 18 Min 3:00 PM 8:18 PM
E3 (Night) 5 Hrs 35 Min 10:00 PM 3:35 AM

Contact Information

For more information regarding the new prices for the Madaraka Express, contact Kenya Railways using the following details.

  • Mobile 1: 0709 907 000
  • Mobile 2: 0790 907 555
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @KenyaRaiIways_
  • Facebook: @ReliKenya

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