Latest: Inter-County and Express SGR train revised schedule

The Kenya Railways revised the schedule of the Madaraka Express and the Intercounty train. The new schedule includes having an afternoon Express train and an intercounty train between Nairobi and Mombasa.

County Train Madaraka New Express Fare ChartKe

County Train Fare Chart – November 01, 2017

The Madaraka express train to Nairobi in the afternoon will have a short stop at Mtito Andei intermediate station to pave way for the oncoming Mombasa bound train.

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The County train will serve the intermediate stations along the SGR. These stations include Athi River, Emali, Kibwezi, Mtito Andei, Voi, Miasenyi, and Mariakani.

Trains Schedule and the Timing 2019

County Train - Mombasa Termini

Mombasa Miritini Train Station

The Madaraka Express Passenger Service

Mombasa to Nairobi

Depart at Miritini Termini: 3:15 pm

Arrive at Syokimau Termini: 20:20 pm

Nairobi to Mombasa

Depart at Syokimau Termini: 14:20 pm

Arrive at Miritini Termini: 19:20 pm


The County train

Depart Mombasa termini to Nairobi termini at 7:15 am

County Train - Mariakani Station

Mariakani intermediate station

Mariakani intermediate station

Arrive: 8:26 am

Depart: 8:29 am

Miasenyi intermediate station

Arrive: 9:12 am

Depart: 9:15 am

Voi intermediate station

Arrive: 9:48 am

Depart: 9:53 am

Mtito Andei intermediate station

Arrive: 11:13 am

Depart: 11:18 am

Kibwezi intermediate station

Arrive: 11:48 am

Depart: 11:51 am

Emali intermediate station

Arrive: 12:33 pm

Depart: 12:38 pm

Athi River intermediate station

Arrive: 13:44 pm

Depart: 13:47 pm

Nairobi Syokimau Main Station

Arrive: 14:07 pm

Depart Nairobi termini to Mombasa termini at 8:00 am

County Train - Emali Station

Emali Intermediate Station

Athi River intermediate station

Arrive: 8:19 am

Depart: 8:22 am

Emali intermediate station

Arrive: 9:25 am

Depart: 9:30 am

Kibwezi intermediate station

Arrive: 10:12 am

Depart: 10:15 am

Mtito Andei intermediate station

Arrive: 10:44 am

Depart: 10:49 am

Voi intermediate station

Arrive: 11:52 am

Depart: 11:57 am

Miasenyi intermediate station

Arrive: 12:29 pm

Depart: 12:32 pm

Mariakani intermediate station

Arrive: 13:14 pm

Depart: 13:17 pm

Mombasa Miritini Main Station

Arrive: 13:40 pm

County Train - Kibwezi Intermediate Station

Kibwezi Intermediate Station

How to get the tickets 2019

* Book the tickets online through the Kenya Railways Website.

*If you have a Safaricom sim card, dial *639# and follow the prompts. Once you pay, You will receive a Mpesa message with an account number, Use that number to print the tickets on the day of travel at the station. Arrive about One hour and a half before departure time.

*If you are not in a position to get the tickets using Mpesa or cannot make it to the station for any reason you can Request Advance Tickets Here ( I can help you in purchasing the tickets if you request from 7 days in advance). Kindly be specific with your request (Which train, Class, Date of travel, number of passengers, Departing from ….. ).

Update: You can now book the tickets 60 Days in Advance (As From June 01, 2019)

*Feel free to contact me for any train or bus-related information. And be specific, please.

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Read more about the SGR Madaraka Express Train and Train travel in Kenya.

County Train Madaraka Express Fare ChartKeSchedule

County Train and Express Schedule – November 01, 2017

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Voi Station is a big station. It can be proved from the number of passengers, kindly make a provision for the express train to stop at voi station

inviolata wamache

halo how long does it take from nairobi to voi

Hawa Akida

How do I cancel a paid sgr ticket online?

Lesy james

It was a good travel


today i called your help line(0709388888) ant 3.02 pm and the staff picked the phone put it asside and continuted talking their mothertongue. I was not attended to all the other lines are not being picked. that is poor customer service.


awesome job ,i really appreciate your effort , this portal is helpful.


It’s a resourceful portal. Commendable job


At what time is check in Nairobi to Mombasa morning hours juu

Liz kigo

Thank you so much,this is helpful..

josephine kimomo

if i want to travel to mombasa and back the same day is it possible and if i want to go on monday 19th feb when can i book


Well, It is possible if you are going to Miritini station!

The thing is, the morning train arrives at Mombasa around 13:55 and the other one* leaves Mombasa for Nairobi at 15:15 so you have a window of 1 hr 20 min to get off the train, go wherever you want, check back in, and you if you are successful, you will happily arrive in Nairobi at 20:15. This, of course, depends on whether you have a return ticket already. Do your calculations!

to book the tickets, go to


hello,am travelling on Wednesday from Mombasa to Nairobi at 3.15 p.m,will I be in a position to get another train to Nairobi town on arrival?

Maryanne wairimu

Ive not received a message from railway station I paid two tickets via mpesa since yesterday no response


Hello Maryanne, In the MPESA message that you received there is an account number, right? You will use that number together with the phone number you used to book to print tickets at the station ot=n travel day.

Make sure you arrive early. You can also print the tickets a few days before travel.

All the best!


Can someone travel from Nairobi to Mariakani via SGR? And what’s the cost please.


Thanks for the information. Was of great help


Awesome we appreciate your efforts please add some more wagons to carry more passengers

philip mutiso

thanks for the information.


Thanks much for this information.If I am to travel on 10th Dec,when is the right time to book?


first class cost 3,000 is for one way or 2 ways?


Thanks for compiling all this valueable information


Thank you for the comment. I am glad the information was helpful.

Kiprono ngetich

Can I book in 5 days advance before travelling?

Julie G

Thank you for this info. Much appreciated. Plse clarify, I thought the train leaves NBO at 330pm?


Hello Julie, Thank you for your comment. There are two trains running daily between Nairobi and Mombasa as I have written in this post.
1. Intercounty train ( Leaves either station at 8:00 am and stops at the intermediate stations listed above)
2. SGR Madaraka Express Train ( Leaves either station at 3:30 pm and arrives at the other station around 8:15 pm)
I hope that helps.


thank you for the information BackPacker.. I definitely will be coming back to you about booking those tickets.


You are welcome @Muthoni. Thank you too for the kind comment.


Thank you very much for the information. It takes great effort to provide this.
Kind regards.


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