Railway Journeys in Kenya

Railways, both new and ancient, are one of the inventions that showcase the nature of a country or town. It grants insight into the culture, history, and way of life of people in cities and countryside like no other form of transport. Through the window seat of a train, a traveler can experience the beauty, the good, and the worst of a place.

In recent years, Kenya has introduced new railways and rehabilitated the old ones that were once a source of happiness to many.

If you are a long-distance traveler or a daily commuter, here are 5 Railway Journeys in Kenya that you should try;

1. Madaraka Express: Nairobi – Mombasa

Madaraka Express Trains run daily between Nairobi and Mombasa along the SGR line.

There are three trains each day from either city.

  • Morning Train (Inter-County): 8:00 am
  • Afternoon Train (Express): 3:00 pm
  • Night Train (Express): 10:00 pm

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2. Nairobi Commuter Railways (Nairobi Metropolitan Area).

This service comprises commuter trains and buses operating from the Nairobi Central Railway Station to destinations within the Nairobi metropolitan area.

If you are looking for means to get to your office, home, JKIA airport, or Nairobi SGR Terminus, Kenya Railways most likely has a train or bus for you.

3. Suswa Long Distance Passenger Train

This train runs along the SGR Line from Nairobi Terminus to Suswa station. It passes through intermediate stations of Ngong, Rongai, and Mai Mahiu.

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4. Kisumu Safari Train

Launched in December 2021, this train runs on the MGR line from Nairobi Central Station to Kisumu through Nakuru.

The timetable is updated by Kenya Railways. Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates.

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5. Nanyuki Safari Train

This train runs between Nairobi city and Nanyuki town in Laikipia County. Just like the Kisumu Safari Train, it serves many towns along the MGR Line like Thika, Muranga, Sagana, Karatina and Chaka.

There is one scheduled train each week. It departs from Nairobi on Fridays and returns from Nanyuki on Sundays.

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  • SGR: Standard Guage Railway
  • MGR: Meter Gauge Railway

Cover Image: Courtesy of Kenya Railways.

Note: There are other branch lines (MGR) that are not mentioned in this list. Kenya Railways is also rehabilitating other lines on the network. For more information and latest updates, follow the Corporation on their active online platforms like Facebook.